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Contact QuickBooks Customer Care Number to Set up advanced Inventory in QuickBooks Desktop

If you are using QuickBooks, then you are taking great benefits out of it to boost your business. When you turned on the notification for Advanced Inventory, you can keep record of inventory which is stored at different locations. You may store inventory at different stores at the location for the consignment. To make accounting handy which is exact, you must setup Advanced Inventory exactly.

You can get along with these methods to set up the inventory sites, follow with the help of QuickBooks Customer Support.

Method 1: Set up Inventory Sites

The first is to keep record of multiple inventory sites is QuickBooks Desktop where you keep record of inventory. Such locations are called sites. Sites can be small or large or it may vary depending upon the business requirement.

To perform this task:

  • In the Lists menu, click on Inventory Site List
  • Choose the Site button, then click on New
  • Type the exact details
  • Re-perform these steps until you are ready to set up the sites for inventory

If this method is not working, call on QuickBooks Customer Care Number

Method 2: Convert from the inventory sites which you have maintained record of

With the help of Advanced Inventory Method, you can use different software to keep record of the inventory for each site:

  • You can use this with the help of some other software, where you are required to run a report to guess the quantity on hand at each site.
  • If you are not having inventory items set up in QuickBooks, you must set them up.

Method 3: Apply re-order points for each site

  • In the Lists menu, click on Inventory Site List.
  • In the Activities drop-down menu, choose Set Reorder Points.
  • Select the Set reorder point for site drop-down menu and choose the site for which you want to set a reorder point.
  • In the Site Reorder Point column tab, type the reorder point for each item.
  • To apply reorder points for other sites, choose the Set reorder point for drop-down menu and choose another site.
  • You must repeat the process till the time reorder points are set for all sites.
  • Click on OK.

Method 4: Add a site column to purchase and sales form

This method is optional, it is up to you whether needed or not. Because this option is visible on every form but if in case you want to print it then this column is not viewed.

  • Firstly, you try to open the sales or purchase form.
  • In the Formatting, click on Customize Data Layout.
  • In the Additional Customization window section, choose the Columns tab.
  • Under the Print column window section, highlight a check box for Inventory Site.
  • Click on OK.

Method 5: Add a site column to memorized transactions where inventory is included

This final step is required only when you have memorized transactions which include inventory part items. If it is yes then you must edit the memorized transactions to type the details of site.

Hope, we had cleared your doubt of setting up the advanced inventory in QuickBooks Desktop, if still stuck with the error, immediately dial our toll free number of QuickBooks Customer Care Number @ 1-800-731-1629 and you can also send your issues on our mail id at support@quickbooksupport.net. If you want more related content you can also visit our website www.quickbooksupport.net. You can also seek help from our expert leaders available 24*7 who are available for you to guide you so that you can focus more on your accounting business.

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