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Email Pay Stubs from QuickBooks Desktop

By emailing pay stub to your employees you can save time. Rather than sending pay stubs in paper format, with this extendable feature of QuickBooks you can send digital copies to your employees. The main thing to focus in this is it sends a copy in PDF format to address of the employee’s email. And yes it is password protected. QuickBooks Support USA avails you with high quality of supports with upgraded level of proficient knowledge of our experts.

How to Email pay stubs from QuickBooks Desktop?

Method 1: Update QuickBooks 

You have to be very much sure about the QuickBooks Desktop you are using is upgraded to latest version so that it includes all the features and facilities which latest version is giving. QuickBooks Support USA will help you out in resolving this error.

Method 2: Verify your email settings

Sometimes, by default this notification is not turned on. Thus, before emailing pay stub you should turn on the notifications:

  • In QuickBooks, in the Edit menu
  • Choose Preferences
  • Click on send Forms menu
  • Choose My Preference tab
  • In send email using section, search for one of the options:
  • If you are using Gmail, yahoo or similar email services
  • Click on web Mail
  • If at all you are using outlook, click on Microsoft Outlook
  • If you wish to use QuickBooks email service, click on QuickBooks email.
  • Once you are aware, click on OK.

Method 3: How to email pay stubs

  • In the File menu, choose Switch to Single User Mode
  • Remove to File menu, and scroll over Print forms
  • Choose Pay Stubs
  • Click on the Bank Account for payroll
  • Apply the range for date for email pay stubs
  • Choose the employees to whom you want to email pay stub
  • Check and delete the employee’s name
  • Click on Preview for each pay stub, then choose Email
  • QuickBooks creates a password for individual employee and email.
  • Click on OK repeatedly
  • Type employee email address
  • Recognize email in Send Forms Window
  • One you are over with it, click on send Now

With this article, you will be able to send email pay stubs to any employees. We really hope, for your advanced functioning of Email Pay Stubs this blog will be so helpful that you can even perform it without any help. If still any hurdle is faced by you contact QuickBooks Support USA @ 1-800-731-1629 without any hesitation. You can also drop us an email at support@quickbooksupport.net.

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