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Contact QuickBooks Customer Support Number If You Need to Customize Your Invoices, Estimates and Receipts

For your QuickBooks Online you may want to create the invoices, your estimates and the sales receipts according to your choice so that they perfectly draw attention to the brand of the company. For this you can modify the way they look and the experience they give. A custom template is a good alternative for a particular type of transactions or may be a generic template is also a good option which can eventually be customized as per all transactions of different type. This custom or generic template gives you varied choices for standard customization which can be implemented on the invoices, estimates and even sales receipts.

Now let us see how do we customize our forms. Below are the mentioned steps for doing that.

  • Launch you QuickBooks and click on the Gear like symbol.
  • Further you need to advance to Your Company.
  • Under which you have to continue with Custom Form Styles.
  • Now click on New Style and proceed further by selecting the type of transaction from the drop down menu options.
  • At this point you will see multiple tabs. You need to select a tab and initiate customizing the template for your form.
  • Design Tab:
    • In this tab you will get the alternative to select from a wide range of templates. You need to note that though you can select a template but you cannot arrange the boxes as you need.
    • This tab will allow you to set a logo of your choice by uploading and resizing it.
    • You will also get the option which will allow you to customize your color palette by choosing your desired colour or using html colour codes.
    • Here you also have the option to choose a font that suits your business. You can set a font and line height.
    • How your form will be printed is also adjusted in this section.
  • Content Tab:
    • You can adjust the header, footer and the table in this section.
    • Header is the topmost section of the form where you can customize as per your requirement. Up to 3 custom fields can be added in header.
    • The bottom section where you can upload a customized message or a note for the viewer is the footer.
    • Table is the section in the middle of the form where those fields are displayed which you want to be shown, which also include the account summary.
  •  Email Tab:
  • You can set up email reminders in this tab. Even a default message can also be set up that will be sent with your invoice, estimate, or sales receipts.
  • You are recommended to not use any special characters in the subject of the email, the body or the default message.
  • Finally click on Preview PDF to see your customized template or select.

Now this new customized form can be viewed on the Custom Form Styles page. Just in case you face any issue or the customized form is not visible to you we are there to help you. For your any question we suggest you to contact QuickBooks Customer Support for further assistance.

You also need to note that moving or rearranging the field on the invoice and other forms in QuickBooks online is not permitted.

Since we have already created a custom template now you can apply it to a new sales form which is also known as Transaction Form in QuickBooks Online when you’re creating it.

Let us check out step by step to apply a default custom template.

  • Launch you QuickBooks and click on the Gear like symbol.
  • Further you need to advance to Your Company.
  • Under which you have to continue with Custom Form Styles.
  • Now navigate next to a custom template and go to the drop-down menu options for Edit.
  • Finally click on Make default and this will automatically apply a customized form as the default for all newly created invoices, estimates, and the sales forms.

While creating a new invoice, estimate or sales receipt you can also choose a custom template which is different from your current default template. In order to perform that, kindly follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Click on Customize in your default template page.
  • And finally choose the template which you want to apply t your invoice.

Hope this article could explain you, in a much detailed way about what needs to be done if you have to customize your invoices, estimates and receipts. If you are still confused about the same and have any query then do not take stress and know that we are there to help you anytime you need.

You may call our QuickBooks Customer Support executive on our toll-free number.
There are other mediums also to contact us. You may contact us via chat support or even reach out to us by sending us an email at

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