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How to Create Invoices in QuickBooks ?


If you are a user of QuickBooks, and dealing with invoice creation problem, call now on QuickBooks Support phone number to resolve your problem. Technical support teams are ready to help you 24×7 on any of your queries regarding QuickBooks. Dealing with invoice is most essential part of any business. It shows how much amount you are purchasing is formed of different sorts of services. This report can be referred as sales of your company. As an owner of a business, you should have complete knowledge how to deal with invoices in QuickBooks accounting software. If not, please go through the following blog to get complete details and
guidelines how to deal with this stuff.

QuickBooks has been released so many editions of it, such as, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Enterprise editions. According to these three versions, features of invoices are also divided into three parts. You can create a single invoice for different services, bill payments, etc. This feature is only available in QuickBooks pro and higher version of editions. Apart from this, you can also create batch invoices for different billing groups for a same customer once instead of sending him one by one invoice. This feature is available only in QuickBooks Pro and higher versions. Invoices for times and expenses can be created in QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise editions. In this one, you just have to set a specific time or date range and QuickBooks will show you complete customer who is billable during this period.

An invoice is such a fantastic way to tell your customer, which service he has been purchased from you, which service he is availing in return of his investment. It  generates a faith and trust kind of thing in customer’s mind that, “Yes, I am availing better services from a registered or recognized company.” It’s better t know how to create an invoice in QuickBooks as a user. If you are akin, contact to QuickBooks support phone number,  and generate your own business invoice.

Some of the invoices are easy and handy to create, some are not. It’s not a rocket science. To understand this whole concept and procedure, please go through the following steps.

Invoice Creation in QuickBooks:

In this section, you are going to learn how to generate a new invoice in your accounting software. Here is the basic procedure to create and save more invoices using create invoice feature. Please follow the steps:

Step 1: Go to Home Page, then customer panel. Press Ctrl+I and click on create invoice icon. You have an alternate choice also. Just go to the customer center toolbar,
and choose new transaction. Then click on invoice option.

Step 2: Go for Create invoice window’s customer window and choose the customer details for which you want to create an invoice.

Step 3: Enter each product or items you have sold to customer, enter their complete details on the line item table. Make sure you should not forget to mention the
quantity and the price of the particular item or product.

Step 4: Check your spellings and words before delivering the invoice to the customer to keep your image good. You can use the QuickBooks Spell Checker feature for this

Step 5: Once your invoice has been created, after final review, click on Save and Close to save a close your invoice creation window. If you want to create additional invoices, then click on Save and New option for a new invoice window.

Once you have created an invoice, double check it. Click on Print icon to get a hard copy for the same. It’s quite better to send hard copy of invoices to customers. This process is quite secure and trustful.

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