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Call Quick Book Point of Sale Support and Know How to Activate Merchant Services for Quickbooks Point of Sale

In this article you will learn how to activate merchant services for QuickBooks Point of Sale. To know more call Quickbooks point of sale support.

To start processing payments set up your Merchant account for QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale.

On the QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale Server computer, log in as the admin user and get started after that follow the steps below to activate Merchant Services.

• Complete the QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale Approval Email

• Open the Approval Email that was sent earlier for this Merchant account.

• Click on the Create or confirm User ID button.

• Enter the needed credentials and then select Save to complete the Approval Email activation.

To link the Merchant account to your software, follow the steps given below.

• To your Point of Sale, link your merchant account

• Install and launch QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale.

• Select Setup Interview from the file menu and then go to the Payments tab.

• Click on Yes to accept credit and debit cards.

• Click on Sign In and then enter the Merchant Service credentials (email/password) for Point of Sale Merchant account.

• Associated with your sign-in credentials, choose the correct account.

• A confirmation window appears which indicates that you have linked QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale with Merchant Services.

• Select Done, when you are finished.

You can now accept credit and debit cards easily.

How to record third-party merchant sales?

Payments for QuickBooks Point of Sale provides a seamless and flexible way to process card payments. You can still record credit card payments, refunds, and debit/ATM card payments in QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale even if you don’t have a payment account.

Step 1: Make sure QuickBooks Payments is not yet set up

• Select File, and then choose Setup Interview.

• Click on the Payments tab.

• Choose No.

Please Note: The preference will be saved for future transactions after you select No.

• Click on Done.

Step 2: Make a sale

• From the navigation pane, select Make a Sale.

• Scan the item and the name of your customer.

• For the payment, select Credit or Debit and then choose either Charge or Refund.

• If necessary, edit the amount and then select the card type from the displayed list (list is displayed based on your preferences).

Please Note: Add cash back if applicable for debit payments.

• Choose Save.

Please Note: For authorisation and batching processes using the terminal provided to you by your third party merchant follow your third party merchant’s instructions.

To know more on how to activate merchant services for QuickBooks Point of Sale call QuickBooks Point of Sale Support. Also, you can write us at support@quickbooksupport.net. Feel free to reach us anytime; our team of executives is 24/7 available at your service. For more information visit, www.quickbooksupport.net.

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