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QuickBooks Support : How to Add or Delete Multiple Transactions

To do something with multiple transactions in QuickBooks is really a time-consuming task, whether you are up to add or delete multiple transactions. The desktop version of QuickBooks doesn’t bestow this attributes to its users. On the other hand, QuickBooks Online banking services, save user’s time by enabling QuickBooks users to add or delete multiple transaction records such as checks, invoices, and inventory adjustment and list records such as items, customer, and vendors. Otherwise, you have to go through one by one to add or delete transaction individually. Fortunately, under the guidance of QuickBooks Support professionals, you can add or delete multiple transactions with an ease after following certain steps in the correct way.

(A) To do so, your first task is to open up Online Banking Center in QuickBooks. As soon as Online Banking Center window pop up, click Add Transaction to QuickBooks button.

(B) In the Add Transaction to QuickBooks window, Click on Add Multiple button.

(C) If you are selecting No. Field, you can add a transaction number. On the other hand, if you are willing to select a payee from your QuickBooks lists, Click on Payee Field.

(D) To select the account from the QuickBooks chart of account, Click the Account Field.

(E) In case you are willing to track classes available in your data file, make selection of Class Field to select a proper class.

(F) For selecting all transactions, tick-mark the Unmatched or Renamed Box. In case you are willing to select a certain number of transactions, you can manually add or remove the tick-mark for each item which you are going to add from the QuickBooks financial institution register.

(G) In you want to remove the Matched Transaction from the list of future download, you have to leave the default tick-mark in the Select All Matched window.

(H) Click on Add Selected button for adding a selected number of transactions to the QuickBooks financial institution register.

(I) If you Click on Cancel button, you are allowed to either keep or discard changes that you introduced to the transactions.

That’s all for adding multiple transactions in QuickBooks. In case you are willing to delete selected transactions, Click on Select Items to Delete button, additionally, place a tick-mark next to all transactions in which you are willing to remove from the list. If you are still confused, then reach our QuickBooks Support executives to receive an instant help.

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