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QuickBooks Support: Steps for Refunding Customer’s Overpayments

Are you receiving frequent over payments from your clients? Maybe it’s a rare task to perform, but if you are aware of transaction handling process, it will for sure help you to manage a proper financial record for the purpose of conferring a level of satisfaction to your customers.

In case you are getting over payments at a recurrent rate, then it’s up to you, whether to receive it or leave it or can kept these over payments for future invoices. This procedure is quite similar to the process employed for the purpose of applying credit card memo to open an invoice. Thus, in such cases, your customer can ask for over payment refunds.

QuickBooks confers special feature via which you can easily refund over payments to your respective customers in the form of credit card or checks. Here, in this blog our QuickBooks Support professionals are bestowing a step guide for refunding customer’s over payments with the help of checks which is as follows,

Step 1: For refunding customer’s over payments, initially you need to record them. To initiate the procedure, click the “Receive Payment Icon” from the home page to open “Receive Payments” window.

Step 2: Here, you need to choose a valid option from the drop-down list under “Received From” section.

Step 3: This attempt will display associated “Customer Balance” automatically. After this, you need to manually fill “Amount Field” to continue the task and can leave other fields like Date, Check as they are default.

Step 4: Now, check mark the entity as displayed in under the tag “Where does this payment go?” to get the respective total. To continue the over payment process, select “Refund the Amount to the Customer” and click on Save & Now respectively.

Step 5: Above step will open “Issue a Refund” popup window. From where you need to select “Check” from the drop-down list under “Issue This Refund Via” as shown below,

Step 6: Now check mark “To Be Printed” box and then click Ok.

With the help of above step guide, you can easily carry out the process of refunding customer’s over payments. In case, you are willing any sort of assistance related to over payments refunds then feel free to contact our QuickBooks Support Number . We are live for 24/7 to solve your queries.

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