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QuickBooks Payroll Support for Updating The Tax Tables

Tax tables in QuickBooks payroll serve a the most crucial element of the software. Time and again Intuit releases the latest updates and patches to provide smooth user experience and efficient calculations. QuickBooks payroll support can help you to update the tax tables in a hassle free way. Before we proceed further in this article, there are a few noteworthy points that you should remember. For updating the tax tables im QuickBooks Desktop, you should have an on going payroll subscription.

Intuit advises that for best results and execution, you must download your tax table promptly whenever you pay your employees. You also have an option to set the frequency of downloading tax tables to 45 days.

To get payroll tax table update patches as soon as they are made available, switch on the automatic updates option in QuickBooks Desktop. You can View the Update QuickBooks Desktop protocols for setting it up to the latest release of tax tables. Follow the below mentioned protocols.

Click on Employees and then select Get Payroll Updates. Now, Click to choose Download entire payroll update and then Click on Update. The moment when the download is completed, a text like “A new tax table and/or updates to your payroll tax forms have been installed on your computer. Click OK to read about the changes” Will appear. Just Click OK on it.

The following protocol will help you to install a payroll tax update via a CD. This is the “Disk Delivery service.”

• Put in the Payroll Update CD.

• Access the Get Payroll Updates tab.

• QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Premier: select Employees > Get Payroll Updates.

• Viewing the Install Payroll Update tab, if you are notified to find the update.dat or update3.dat file, make an action with regards to the prompts. Click on Browse.

• In the Install via window, select the CD drive through the Look in drop-down arrow.

• You can make a choice between update.dat and update3.dat via the Payroll Update Disk, then click Open.

• Viewing the Payroll Update tab, you have to click on OK.

• The important point to be noted here is that If you get the text, “File Not Found,” make an attempt to verify your CD drive:

•Exit QuickBooks Desktop and tap the Windows Start button to choose Computer or My Computer.

Right-click the CD drive for choosing the Explore option. If you are not able to see the files then verify the CD on a different system. On the other hand, if you are able to see the files on the different system, it signifies that there is an hardware issue with the CD drive on the initial system. Lastly, if you are not able to see the files on both systems, you may have to get a fresh payroll update disk by calling for QuickBooks payroll support. You will get prompt action response to your queries.

Viewing the Install Confirmation tab, cross-check whether you are installing through the right location and the tax table updates in the present and New fields are authenticated. Once the tax table update has been made, a text will appear saying: “A new tax table has been installed on your computer. Just Click on OK for read about the changes.”going through the new alterations.

For further clarification on tax table updates, call the QuickBooks payroll support team to resolve all your doubts and errors as soon as possible.

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