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Why QuickBooks is the Perfect Accounting Tool for Small Businesses

The QuickBooks accounting software allows small to medium business owners to efficiently handle all manner of bookkeeping and related paperwork automatically, giving business owners the extra time and energy to invest in their business. Excellent QuickBooks customer support also ensures that a business owner is not alone when handling a particularly tricky accounting task. There are multiple reasons why QuickBooks is a small and medium business accounting tool to reckon with, read further for an in-depth insight.

Efficient Payment Processing

Efficient payment management and processing is one of the most highly sought after features of the QuickBooks software. Small and medium business owners, who are often overwhelmed with the effort involved in converting receivables into cash ASAP, find quick relief when they turn to QuickBooks accounting software. Any kind of hiccups during the process of converting receivables into cash is quickly and efficiently handled by the QuickBooks technical support team. The QuickBooks 10 version further automates the payment processing feature and the 2011 version also includes a repetitive billing mode that allows you to bill the same customer/client the same amount every month.

Analyze Profit and Loss

A smart business owner knows that a deeper understanding of profit and loss doesn’t merely apply to whether your business is making money or not. Such a business person will carefully analyze profit and loss to identify revenue generating areas of the business and the areas that result in loss. This task can be made so much easier with QuickBooks accounting software. This is definitely a good reason to employ and benefit from this handy accounting tool. Use the “classes” function of QuickBooks to measure income based on factors like department, location and even profit center. Get a print out for a profit and loss statement for each category and analyze which parts of your business are raking in the revenues and which are not. This will make it abundantly clear to you; which area needs to be expanded and in which department downsizing is required.

QuickBooks Company Snapshot

The QuickBooks company snapshot feature allows every business owner to have ready access to an overview of the company accounts. This is particularly useful for small businesses that are wrapped up in administration and marketing and have little time to analyze revenue streams including profit and loss. The Company Snapshots allows you to keep tabs on the cash flow and anticipate any kind of financial issues in the near or reasonably distant future. The Company Snapshot feature can be customized to suit your business or company profile and the experts at QuickBooks customer support would be happy to help at any time.

Diminished Workload

When you use QuickBooks instead of Excel or pen and paper for business accounting, you have access to a largely automated tabulation process. This is a time saver that QuickBooks users swear by. With QuickBooks there is no need to physically file bills, checks etc as any of these can be scanned and stored in your QuickBooks file. This process substantially lowers your workload and saves storage space for paperwork and documents.

Convenient Tax Filing and Loan Applications

Having all your business financial statements stored in your QuickBooks file often means greater convenience when you ready to file your taxes or apply for a business loan. Efficiency is the key to business accounting and QuickBooks is a nifty solution.

Wrapping Up

QuickBooks is the perfect accounting tool for small to medium businesses with an emphasis on a lighter workload, saving storage space for files, bills, receipts and other documents, better payment processing and management and efficient tax filing. QuickBooks users have access to all of the above and a highly efficient QuickBooks Support

Small and medium sized businesses all over The United States rely on QuickBooks for business related accounting needs. QuickBooks now commands 80% to 90% of the market share for accounting software in the small to medium business categories.

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