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Call Quickbooks Support USA to reverse Payroll in QuickBooks Accounting Software

QuickBooks technical support can be of much help when you are trying to reverse payroll in QuickBooks. If you have made a payroll check which contains wrong information, reversing it in QuickBooks deletes the check completely so you can make a new check with the correct data or just leave the check out and halt it from going to payroll if it was put in error? QuickBooks Desktop gives full support to for editing, reversing, deleting or changing the pay cheque which has not been transferred to the payroll service, assimilating wrong data or is a duplicate.

You also can delete multiple copies of pay checks to halt multiple payroll checks from being sent to the individual employee. Just tap on “Employees” at the top of the QuickBooks window, and choose “Edit/Void Pay checks” from the drop-down menu. Now, just Double-tap on the paycheck you want to reverse, and take view of the “Paycheck” screen to make sure you have chosen the right check. If you don’t witness the check, alter the dates at the top of the “Edit/Void Paychecks” window.

Tap on the “Edit” menu near the top left of the QuickBooks screen, and choose “Delete Paycheck” from the drop-down window. Select “OK” on the “Delete Transaction” popup box questioning if you are sure you want to reverse this paycheck to make sure of the transaction.

However, you can only reverse a payroll check before payroll has been put out. You’ll will have to void the cheque if you figure out it’s incorrect after it’s been put past the payroll. You can void a transaction that has not taken place.  If you are figuring out to do other things besides that, you will need QuickBooks Support to help you with payroll reversing. Any issue or query regarding reversing payroll in QuickBooks can be taken care of. You just have to dial the Quickbooks support helpline Number. You should once in a blue moon, need to void a paycheck. Do make sure that voiding a pay cheque is not like voiding different kinds of cheques; pay cheques have linked tax and other liability calculations and payments that are mandatory to be taken into view. You can reverse the earnings units, even after payroll has been given to Intuit as long as it doesn’t put any drastic effect on the Gross or Net amounts of a cheque. For instance, if the Job costing is wrong, and you need to divide the wages, you can reverse the cheque and correct the numbers. The Net Pay Lock query may be visible, but if you choose No, the change will stay.

This piece of information has therefore given a valuable content on reversing, voiding and editing pay cheques for various QuickBooks Desktop Payroll services.

If you encounter any doubt regarding the above subsequent steps to reverse payroll in QuickBooks, make sure you dial quickbooks phone number at the earliest. The QuickBooks Tech Support is capable of solving all your queries and doubts regarding the designated topic. Also, you’ll be provided hand holding support for many other payroll and other errors in QuickBooks.