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Call QuickBooks Support to know how to update existing QuickBooks Company file to next version

If users are looking to update a QuickBooks File and they are not aware how do I update a company file to the newest version of QuickBooks, then they not need to worry as our QuickBooks Experts are always there to help. If you’ve used a previous version of QuickBooks, your company file is set up to work with that version. When you upgrade to QuickBooks 2021, the program has to make some changes to your company file. Once you update a company file, your coworkers won’t be able to open it until you install QuickBooks 2021 on their computers. So to prevent work disruptions, plan to upgrade all copies of QuickBooks and the company file during downtime. Fortunately, updating a company file is easy: All you have to do is open it in the new version of QuickBooks and follow the onscreen instructions.

Here are the steps:

1. In your new version of QuickBooks, choose File “Open or Restore Company.”
2. In the “Open or Restore Company” dialog box, select the “Open a company file” option, and then click next.
3. In the “Open a Company” dialog box, double-click the company file you want to update. If you see the User Name and Password box, enter your user name and password.
4. In the “Update Company File for New Version” dialog box, turn on the “I understand that my company file will be updated to this new version of QuickBooks” checkbox, and then click Update Now.
5. Click OK to create a backup before you upgrade. Follow the steps to create a backup copy of your company file
6. When the Update Company message box appears, click yes to start the update. Keep in mind that this process could take a while, if you face any issues you can connect with one of our associate.


In case, if you still encounter some technological issues while updating your company file, then you can contact our QuickBooks Support Phone Number to quickly get QuickBooks experts to assist. Definitely, our tech support staff will help you mitigate your problems. You can also reach us at by writing to us. Visit – for further information. Keep in touch with our current 24 * 7 executives to direct you.