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Call QuickBooks Support Phone Number to know how to modify transactions during Reconciliation

Sometimes, users have to introduce some specific changes to their bank account register window. Due to this, users might have to deal with missing transactions, incorrect amounts or other discrepancies, if users forgot to update changes in the Reconcile window. But, if you a QuickBooks user, you will observe that QuickBooks will immediately update the reconcile window to complete the process of reconciliation. Here, this blog focuses on elaborating options that help in modifying transactions during reconciliation, under the guidance of certified QuickBooks support experts. 

In case, you have opened the QuickBooks reconciliation window simultaneously with your bank account register, then click the one you are willing to work with. For this, refer following cases.1st Case: If you are going to use the “Left Icon Bar”, click Open Windows section. This will let you see the open window’s list at the top of the bar. From here, simply click on the name that you want to work with.2nd Case: If you are attempting to use “Icon Bar”, select View>>Open Window List in order to display the required list. After this, you have to click on specific names in order to change the respective dialog box or the active window.

Following are some options that help users to introduce mandatory changes while reconciling.

Adding transactions: If you have to deal with the transaction that only appears on your respective bank accounts in spite of your accounting software. You need to add those transactions to QuickBooks on account of avoiding major post complications. Either switch to the QuickBooks’ account register window or the window corresponding to the transaction, for instance, Write Checks to add respective transactions. Deleting transactions: If you want to delete duplicate transactions found in QuickBooks’ account register window, you need to right-click that respective transaction after selecting the corresponding “Delete” entry from the shortcut menu. Or press Ctrl+D after selecting the transaction. Once you confirm the decision, QuickBooks will delete your selected transaction. This attempt disappear duplicate transaction from the QuickBooks’ Reconcile window.  Additionally, if you attempt transactions to acquire the void state, they still appear in the Reconcile window. As void transaction values “0.00”, thus you can easily reconcile these transactions without affecting the Clear Balance stated under QuickBooks reconciliation window. Editing transactions: If you encounter errors while working with transactions under the Reconcile Window, then you have to double-click the respective transaction to open its corresponding window such as double click Write Check tab to open Check transaction window, Make Deposits tab to open Deposits transaction window, and so on. These attempts allow users to correct their mistakes, after which they can easily save the corrected transaction by clicking either Record or Save, depending on the window. 

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However, in case you are facing complications while modifying transactions during the reconciliation process, then feel free to reach our QuickBooks Support Phone Number services by calling our toll free or initiating a live chat through our website . Our QuickBooks help services are made available for 24/7 to help users worldwide.