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How to Resolve Non-Sufficient Fund Error with the Help of QuickBooks Support Phone Number

Today we will discuss what to do if you facing a non-sufficient fund error hold on your payroll service in QuickBooks Software.

It might be the possibility that your payroll account may be on hold for insufficient funds. We are here to get this resolved quickly so you can get back to running payroll with the help of QuickBooks Payroll Support Number.

 Note: If you are looking to resolve NSF issues with a customer? See Handle Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) or a bounced check from customers instead. If you have a different type of hold email. In case, if your email subject line is “QuickBooks [Payments or Payroll] Incomplete Verification Case [XXXXXXXXX] Response Required,” see Verify your principal officer and business identity for payroll or payments accounts. In case, if your email subject line is “Important: Urgent issue with the payroll account for [Business name],” see Resolve an urgent issue with your payroll account.

 Why payroll services could be on hold.

Whenever you will use our payroll services, we can debit your business bank account for the direct deposit amounts and payroll taxes (for full service products) that is due. We can put your account on hold because the debit for your direct deposits or tax payments was returned due to an issue with your bank account. You get to know that you have due balance.

How do you notify me?

When this will happen, we will send you an email to the Principal Officer or Primary Principal listed on the account. You can look for a message with one of the following subject lines:

  • Important:  You will see that your Direct Deposit Payment is Unsuccessful. Urgent Issue with the Payroll Account for [business name]
  • Intuit Payroll Services Action Required: Payment Request for Failed Payroll Debit will be needed.
  • Intuit Payroll Services Action Required: You will get the message that Partial Payment Received.

Once you get the email, it will explain everything that you need to know.

In case, if the Principal Officer or Primary Principal listed on the account did not receive the email, you have to be sure that you have checked your junk email folder too. If you still having any problem in finding your email. Please contact us to verify we have the correct info.

What will happen now?

Important: We will suggest you do not attempt stop payments on any direct deposits or tax payments directly with your bank. Stop payments can cause issues and further delays in resolving NSF holds.

You can attempt an automatic Redebit for insufficient or uncollected funds.

You will get the email that have a code [RXX] and also the reason due to which NSF happened. In case, if the debit was rejected due to insufficient (R01) or uncollected (R09) funds, we will suggest you should try to redebit your account for the amount that is due.

Note: In case, if you have a different reject code and reason, check out the section below.

We will attempt the redebit the same day that we receive the return notice from the bank. In that case, your payroll service will put on hold for 5 business days to make sure the redebit goes through. You will also get another email from us letting you know if the redebit was successful or not.

In case. if the redebit is successful, then you do not need anything more. Now you can remove the hold and you can process payroll again.

Question will arise: Can I stop the automatic redebit? What will happen if I want to pay the balance due faster?

Sometimes, it won’t be possible for anyone that the person should be able to stop the automatic redebit. In case, if you want to pay the balance faster, chat with us or connect us @ for instructions to send a wire transfer or pay using Versa-pay.

However, we can remove the 5-business-day hold sooner if you pay by wire transfer or Versa-pay.

You will find that auto re-debit is unsuccessful or the debit was returned for another reason

Step 1:  You need to look for the email notification

You should have the Principal Officer or Primary Principal on the account look in their email for a message from with the subject “Important Action Required Urgent Payroll Issue: Intuit Payroll Services – Wire Instructions.”

Step 2: You can also go to your bank to request a wire transfer or use Versapay

Do you have the Principal Officer or Primary Principal on the account take the wire instructions email to the bank and request a wire transfer? You can ask the bank to complete the wire transfer while you are at the bank. This can help get you back to running your payroll faster.

You will get to know that wire transfers cannot be completed through online banking.

In case, if we have Received the wire transfer, we will remove the hold within 1 business day.

In case, if the Principal Officer or Primary Principal is not available, or wire transfers are not an option for you, chat with us.

You will see that we cannot accept cash, checks, or Western Union for the balance due.

Step 3: In case, if the debit was returned for another reason, work with your bank or change your bank account

Now, you will see a reject code [RXX] and reason in your email Id. In some cases, you may need to contact your bank to verify they can accept Intuit’s ACH transactions. In case, if your bank asks for Intuit’s Origin ID, Please give them all of these info:

Tax payment origin IDs1943345425 7843345425
Direct deposit debit origin ID4462800342
Direct deposit return redebit origin ID5943347425
Subscription fee origin ID6943355425
Billing origin ID3942345425

Now you are free to change your payroll bank account.

You can contact us once you have completed this and we can remove the hold.

If Question Arise: Were my employees or contractors paid? What about my tax payments?

You can select your payroll service to learn how we handle paying your employees, contractors, and tax payments.

Still, if you come across with any issue related to your QuickBooks Application than you are requested to connect with our QuickBooks Payroll Support Number for help.