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With the help of QuickBooks Customer Care Learn some Important things about QuickBooks Inventory Scanner

Using a mobile inventory scanner, QuickBooks Inventory Scanner helps speed up your inventory picking process and save you time and effort when inputting inventory data. There are various advantages to employing a QuickBooks barcode scanner to efficiently manage your inventory. Within a warehouse, you can send sales orders to workers on the floor and scan your inventory. You can also transfer data wirelessly using a mobile QuickBooks inventory scanner. We’ll go through how to use the QuickBooks inventory scanner to manage inventory items in this post.

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Before you use the QuickBooks Barcode Inventory Scanner, there are a few things you should think about.

Keep the following considerations in mind before utilizing the QuickBooks POS inventory scanner:

  • Only Inventory items can have a barcode.
  • QR codes are not currently supported, therefore you may not be able to utilize them.
  • Barcodes are not included in the Products and Services list import.
  • Do not use the QuickBooks inventory scanner to scan the same item twice on a sales/purchase form.
  • Each item is identified by a unique barcode. If the barcode is already in the system, use it. On your screen, you will get an error notice that says, “Looks like this barcode already exists.” ”Experiment with a different barcode.”
  • The barcode appears as a column in QuickBooks’ Products and Services list.
  • Barcodes cannot be used to search for specific goods in the Products and Services list. This search option is only available for transaction forms.

How Do I Enable the Inventory Barcode Scanner in QuickBooks?

  • The following are the steps to enable the QuickBooks inventory scanner:
  • To access Company Settings, look for the Gear icon and click it.
  • After that, go to the left navigation panel and pick the Sales option.
  • Check the box for Barcode Scanning in the Products and Services section.
  • To complete the task, click Save, followed by Done.

How can I add a barcode to a stock item?

Before you can use QuickBooks Barcode Scanner, you must first create a barcode for an inventory item by following the procedures below:

  • Click New, after that Edit from the Products and Services list.
  • Now find the Barcode field by scrolling down.
  • Scanning the barcode on the item is as simple as clicking into the Barcode field and scanning the barcode on the item.
  • It will populate the barcode field with a numeric barcode value.
  • Close the window after clicking Save.

You can use the QB inventory scanner by adding a barcode to an item by following the above steps.

How to Incorporate a Bar-coded Item into Invoices and Bills

That you’ve added a barcode to an inventory item, read the information below to use it in invoices and bills:

  • To begin, click on New.
  • After that, choose Invoice/Bill/Other sales or purchase form.
  • Scan the bar-coded product with the cursor in the Product/Service column.
  • The item details for the selected product will be auto-filled.
  • Repeat the procedure 3 and 4 if you require to include more items.
  • To complete the task, save the transaction.

QuickBooks Hardware Compatibility for Barcode Inventory Scanning

To get the most out of your QB inventory scanner, make sure it meets the following hardware requirements:

  • To scan inventory items, you can utilise either USB or Bluetooth barcode scanners.
  • Even if the document is in Word or Notepad, a good barcode scanner will input the numeric value.

How to Install a USB Barcode Scanner

  • After you’ve plugged in the scanner, you’ll need to begin configuring it. The steps below will assist you in doing so:
  • Open QuickBooks Desktop and select Edit from the menu bar.
  • Select Preferences.
  • Afterwards, choose the Company Preferences option after selecting Items and Inventory.
  • Select Open Barcode Wizard from the Advanced Inventory Settings menu.
  • In the Barcode Scanning Setup wizard, select the item field for barcode scanning.
  • If you’re unsure about an item, choose a distinct field for it, such as Item Name and Part Number.
  • Next should be selected.
  • Select the product for which you wish to create a barcode.
  • Finally, click Next, then Finish.


This article explains how to use barcode scanning in QuickBooks Desktop. Give us a call at our QuickBooks customer care number if you need assistance with the QB barcode inventory scanner. When you connect, you’ll be able to get answers to all of your questions about QuickBooks inventory scanner. Please contact us at support@quickbooksupport.net if you have any questions. Visit Quickbooks Support for more information on QuickBooks.