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Call QuickBooks Error Support to Learn the ways to Get Rid of The QuickBooks Point of Sale Socket Error 10060

QuickBooks POS keeps track of all POS transactions, including inventory procurement, buy, and sale, as well as inventory and customer control.
The QuickBooks desktop allows you to pay taxes, track revenue, receive customers, and generate financial reports. Monetary Exchange is a sort of data transfer between these two programs that can take place at any time or as part of an end-of-day procedure.
The QuickBooks POS Socket Problem 10060 is a link timeout error that occurs when processing debit or credit card payments in QuickBooks. In this article, we’ll look at how you can fix it and what the reasons are for making such a mistake.

The connection must be operational and useable in order for credit cards and debit cards to be used in the scheme. QuickBooks POS problem 10060 is also caused by inactive links.
You can contact our QuickBooks error support staff for more information and to learn more about QuickBooks. Our specialists will assist you.

There are several causes and implications of QuickBooks POS Error 10060.

The following factors may play a role in the occurrence of QuickBooks POS error 10060:
● The problem could be caused by a bad internet connection.
● The socket has a connection problem.
● If the security software is blocking the network connection.
● EFT Server issues can potentially result in an error.

If you seek assistance, you will be able to discover what you can do to resolve the problem.

The methods for resolving the QuickBooks POS Socket Error 10060 are as follows:
The following is a list of ways that may be able to assist you in solving your problem:

Solution 1: Unless the socket is plugged in.
For these cures, there are a few options listed below.
● Verify the socket connectivity in a smooth manner.
● Ensure that all of the cables are connected and stable.
● Check to see if it’s up and running.

Solution 2: If the security software prevents network access
For these cures, there are a few options listed below.
● Turn off all of your device’s installed security software.
● Perform the following transaction as well.
● If no errors appear, the issue has been resolved.

Solution 3: Whenever one or more workstations are in operation, use the device where the credit card is handled.
There are a few cures listed below:
● First, pick the edit menu and then Pick Preferences.
● After that, choose a company.
● Communication Configuration Options
● Try out your option. This computer may be used for both credit and debit card transactions. If this isn’t the case, go ahead and save the update to this machine.
● Close the window and reopen the point of sale after that.
● Next, choose User Information from the local tools menu.
● Look behind the workstations for a WS-EFT server. If this is the case, the card should be handled with care.

Solution 4: Create a new data file
A few options for such solutions are shown below:
● To proceed, choose Company Data from the File menu, and after that click New.
● Afterwards, in a specific space, write a test and give the new data file a name.
● After that Visit the Edit menu, and after that choose Priorities, after this Company, next the Merchant Service, and afterwards fill in the details before clicking Save.
● Visit Menu Tools, then User Details, and after that Open POS and Re-process the card.

Conclusion :-
Make an effort to follow all of the above-mentioned instructions to the letter and to accomplish them well. If you are unable to do so, please contact our QuickBooks error assistance. Our professionals can assist you in resolving the problem. You may also send us an email at support@quickbooksupport.net. Please call one of our specialists, who are available around the clock, seven days a week, and are available all over the world. You can also visit Quickbooks Support for additional information on QuickBooks.

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