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When sending payroll services, you can get the error “QuickBooks Has Encountered a Problem Sending your Usage Data.” If the device Date/Time is wrong, this error occurs. We’ll talk about the causes and how to address it in this post.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact our Quickbooks customer service team.

The causes of this error code are as follows:

  • Your system’s date/time is incorrect.
  • You’ve made a copy for an accountant.

Some of the Easy Steps to fix an issue that  there was an issue sending your usage data to QuickBooks.

Step 1: Check the date and time.

This procedure is compatible with all Windows versions.

  • Make absolutely sure the date and time are accurate by clicking on the date and time in the bottom right-hand corner. If this is not the case,
  • The Run box will appear if you press the (Windows+R) keys together. Type Control or Control Panel in the Run box.
  • Select Clock and Region from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose a date and time.
  • Select Change the date and time… from the drop-down menu.
  • Change the time and date to your preferred time zone, then click OK.
  • Now choose Change time zone from the drop-down menu. Make sure your time zone is right, as some of these error codes could be caused by it.

Step 2: Check to see if an Accountant’s Copy exists.

  • If you have an accountant’s copy of QuickBooks, make sure all the limitations have been lifted.
  • To lift the restrictions, follow these steps:
  • Navigate to the File menu.
  • Choose Send Company File in that choose Accountant’s Copy.
  • After that choose remove Restrictions
  • Then, follow the instructions on the computer.
  • QuickBooks Desktop can now be closed and reopened. If the issue persists, simply follow the link below.

Step 3: Delete any Online Transactions that haven’t been sent yet.

  • Select Edit from the menu bar.
  • Select Find…(Ctrl+F)
  • Select the Advanced tab.
  • Choose Detail Level and Summary Only in the Filter box.
  • To submit, go to Online Status and pick Online from the drop-down menu.
  • Pick Either from the Posting Status drop-down menu.
  • Then go to the top right corner and click on Find.

You can now see the outcomes:

  • If you come across any banking transactions, make sure to process them.
  • If you come across a paycheck, you must uninstall it. Make sure to print them out so you can replicate them with the same data.

Conclusion :

You can no longer face this problem if you obey any of the above steps. QuickBooks had a problem submitting your usage details, but if the issue persists, you can contact our independent experts for assistance. For assistance, call our Quickbooks customer service number. You can also reach out to us by writing to For more information on QuickBooks, go to

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