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QuickBooks is very influential among small and medium-sized companies and is used by many individuals worldwide, as well as the possible explanation for this is that the programme is user-friendly and offers you several insights that enable it to handle the accounting aspect.

The downside to using the programme is the amount of arcane mistakes found by desktop users at different levels of using the software. We will address the signs, causes and alternatives for fixing QuickBooks error 3371 in this post.

 What is Error 3371 in the QuickBooks?

At the time when QuickBooks does not load any license details due to which many errors are generated, Quickbooks Error is generated at that specific time.

3371 is created and is assigned to the causation of those errors. These errors are caused due to installation problems on the desktop that runs QuickBooks.

When QuickBooks do not configure license properties, the above-mentioned errors are caused, with the most probable cause being data loss or file corruption required to access the relevant information.

Causes of Error Code 3371 in the QuickBooks

While all QuickBooks errors and a standard description are presented, the precise reason behind the failure still needs to be found by users.

When the consumer encounters the QuickBooks 3371 series errors, some of the cases listed below can be associated with

These QuickBooks files, such as qbregistration.dat, cannot be accessed or destroyed. The Microsoft MSXML file can also not be executed and, above all, no license details can be retrieved.

All QuickBooks license information is stored in the qbregistration.dat file and the license and product number issued by the user is created for this specific file. The file must be executed any time QuickBooks Desktop is allowed, and this can only be accomplished when the file is opened by Microsoft MSXML.

What Are the Signs of Error 3371 QuickBooks?

 The user gets a specific explanation behind the QuickBooks errors as to why it does not load on pop-up in the foreground. When a user experiences QuickBooks series error 3371, below explanation could wisely go.

The error message, if any, may appear with a particular status code. Users may not be able to access company files and other data as a fatal error. Some users will experience a pause in inputs given by a keyboard or mouse. Users may also experience device failures in extreme cases. When is QuickBooks Error 3371 shown on the desktop?

 While there are no unusual circumstances in which QuickBooks Error 3371 or its variants are dropped, users are more likely to encounter this when QuickBooks Desktop is newly allowed. Here are some cases where the error could have been made by users:

During the transition of the installation of QuickBooks from one device to another, the license details could be destroyed and misplaced, which could potentially be one of the major problems. Chances are that either the MSXML version of QuickBooks is lost when transferring data from one drive to another or it is not supported by the operating system.

There will possibly be other explanations that could also revolve behind that.

 The cause of such problems, such as modifications to the anti-virus programme configuration, or the issue of some network problem that could lead to such errors preventing the working of QuickBooks files.

How to Repair Error 3371 in QuickBooks?

The procedures for finding and repairing the error mostly revolve around correcting corrupted files and retrieving missing data. To correct QuickBooks Error 3371 effectively, follow steps in a similar sequence.

 Phase 1: Reinstall a file named Entitlement

The entitlement file contains information of whether the installation of QuickBooks on the computer is legitimate and is registered for approval with Intuit. The very first this is resolved by deleting the current file and registering QuickBooks with an authentic license and product number.

Find the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file in the Entitlement Client subfolder of the Program Data Intuit folder. Then you can re-register QuickBooks on your device after deleting files and re-opening QuickBooks as per the instructions shown on the computer.

The best way out is to be assured of the correct files being configured as needed by QuickBooks re-registration.

If the problem is not fixed by the reconfiguration of Windows, there may be a high likelihood that the issue is with Windows installation.

With QuickBooks. And you need to go to Step2 for that.

 Phase 2: Manually Update Windows

If QuickBooks worked well on a Windows system and suddenly stopped working, it is possible that the latest Windows files were not updated.

All you need to do for this is; you need to look for the changes in device settings and simply reinstall QuickBooks when you have the message saying “You’re up to date” then as per the requirement.

And if even that doesn’t go with it, the last choice will be to go for a clean installation.

Phase 3: Continue with a clean set-up

A new installation is the last choice if the problem is deep-rooted.

It replaces files on the computer in order to completely reset the QuickBooks programme.

The QuickBooks Clean Install Tool located in the QuickBooks Tool Center can easily be accessed. The programme files that are not removed are deleted very quickly by simply uninstalling and reinstalling QuickBooks. Although this tool definitely does not go with QuickBooks 2020, where manual naming of the folders is required.


 In order to eliminate QuickBooks error 3371, the above strategies are very helpful. Our qualified experts provide 24/7 technical support via phone, chat, and email. If you want to mention any more installation mistakes, feel free to discuss them.

If you find it hard, nevertheless, or have another question, you can contact our QuickBooks Support Number. You can also contact us at by writing to us. Visit for any further information.

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