Error 3371 is one of the most commonly occurring errors related to data licensing and initializing of QuickBooks desktop. Installing QuickBooks Tool Hub in Windows 10 will easily fix the error 3371. MXML component helps in retrieving the license data that is essential for smooth operation of QuickBooks desktop.


Solution for QUICKBOOKS ERROR 3371 occurs?

When opening QuickBooks error 3371 on your desktop,sometimes loading or initializing of license data doesn't happen that leads to QuickBooks error 3371.It means some of the files are either damaged or missing and your files will not open.

Some of the error messages that denotes Error 3371 has occurred are:
  • Error 3371: QuickBooks could not load/initialize the license properties.
  • Error 3371, Status Code- 11118: QuickBooks could not load/initialize the license properties.
  • Error 3371, Status Code-1: QuickBooks could not load/ initialize the license properties.


QuickBooks desktop has a installation file, which is called QBregistration.dat that consists of information related to license data. which consists of the information of the license data. This information related to the license data is recovered and verified when QuickBooks is opening on the desktop.

MXML Component

QuickBooks desktop has MXML component, that is required for successful operation of QuickBooks on the desktop. MXML component is very important as it helps in retrieving the license data information. Moreover, QBregistration.dat helps in opening of the file when MXML component is working properly.

How to fix QUICKBOOKS ERROR 3371?

QuickBooks Tool Hub

Once the QuickBooks Tool Hub is installed,it helps in the fixing the common errors on QuickBooks desktop. As QuickBooks supports Windows Operating system, it is advisable to use Window 10. After installation of QuickBooks Tool Hub, type 3371 error fix at the run section of QuickBooks Tool Hub. Then press enter and open data files from QuickBooks desktop.

Clean Install

The user can also clean and re-install the QuickBooks desktop. If the problem still persists even after cleaning and re-installing then you may call customer support of QuickBooks that are available 24 x 7

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