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There are different times where you will need to align simple payroll with pre-printed paychecks in QuickBooks so that you can print them. To keep track of your financial transactions, QuickBooks allows users to print paychecks from inside the programme. There are different alignment situations in which the process for aligning pre-printed checks needs to be done. In this article, we will explore different synchronization situations and how to match simple payroll with pre-printed paychecks in QuickBooks.

If you have any questions about pre-printed check alignment in the simple payroll of QuickBooks, please feel free to contact our QuickBooks payroll support and our dedicated team of QuickBooks experts and address your dilemma.

What are different alignment situations that you can face when your checks are being printed?

In the QuickBooks Simple Payroll, below are some of the key alignment scenarios you will need to face:

  • That check is too high for printing.
  • The check is too poor to print.
  • The check is too far to the left to print.
  • Printing the check is too far to the right.

How can pre-printed paychecks be matched with Intuit Online Payroll?

You need to take the steps below to sync pre-printed paychecks with QuickBooks basic payroll:

  1. You have to pick the Setup tab in the first place.
  2. Then, you need to pick Paycheck Printing from within the Preferences section.
  3. After that, pick Pre-printed QuickBooks Compliant Voucher Search Stock in Paycheck Printing Settings.
  4. Pick Print 2 Stub or Print 1 Stub once you’re done and click OK.
  5. To proceed further, pick the Open Alignment Slot. You can see a blank page or a message to turn on Chrome plugins if you are using Chrome. In this instance:
  6. Pick the menu icon from inside the Chrome window, located under the X button.
  7. Next, select Settings, then select Advanced again.
  8. Go ahead, choose Content Settings, and then select PDF documents again after that.
  9. Remember to turn off “Download PDF files rather than opening them in Chrome immediately”
  10. Then follow the instructions for the pop-up window to close it.
  11. Select Match Checks and the alignment page will be printed on plain paper.
  12. On a piece of pre-printed check stock, stack your printout and try to hold it up to a light to correct the positioning.
  13. Upon printing, follow the directions on the file.
  14. To choose the best-fit letters and numbers for the alignment, obey the below-given possibilities.

Scenario 1: Printing the Check Too High

If the check is too high to print and you need to fit pre-printed paychecks in the simple payroll of QuickBooks, you need to pick a letter from the list to pass down-the-page details.

Scenario 2: Printing of the Check is Too Low

When the check is too low to print, you have to pick a letter to transfer the details up to the tab.

Scenario 3: Check is being printing too far left

You need to have a higher number on the list to transfer the details to the right of the page if you want to correct the print alignment for pre-printed checks in QuickBooks basic payroll.

Scenario 4: Check is being printed too far right

If you are wondering how to correctly align my pre-printed checks to print when the check is printed too far right, then you’ll have to select a lower number on the list to transfer the details to the left of the page.

Conclusion :

This post will assist you in aligning pre-printed paychecks with simple payroll in QuickBooks. If you have any questions about the solution and need to contact a QuickBooks expert, please call us at our Quickbooks payroll support number for QuickBooks. You can quickly align pre-printed paychecks with QuickBooks basic payroll while connecting. By dropping an email to us (, you can get help. However, you can visit our website at for more QuickBooks-relevant products.

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