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Call QuickBooks Desktop Support to learn the methods to update the QuickBooks Desktop

Let us start with the techniques for updating the desktop QuickBooks

Are you ready to upgrade your QuickBooks to the new version?   Ok, nearly all of us know that Intuit offers QuickBooks with updates that can be downloaded from the internet. These fixes are also known as releases or fixes for repairs. Many consumers of the QuickBooks get puzzled about the updates, but it’s not as usual as it seems. Upgrades and enhancements bring major new functionality or features to the software. To experience awesome new features and functionality, it is therefore necessary to download any possible update.

You should get in touch with our QuickBooks desktop support to get more information about the QuickBooks and our experts will help you. As per the QuickBooks experts, new QuickBooks desktop features, along with demos that illustrate the use of QuickBooks Desktop, come with new forms of learning. This version also highlights a few more elements, which include:

  • Easy updates to versions
  • Optimization of Condensed Data Files
  • Consumer invoice history  tracker


The ways to check if you’re QuickBooks desktop is updated?

Different approaches are required for reviewing the QuickBooks, the first is automated and the second uses the manual method. It is recommended to verify whether or not there are any upgrades installed before you select any of the methods. In this phase, the key steps are as follows:

The user needs to open the QuickBooks to start with, and afterwards press the Ctrl + 1 or F2 key on the keyboard to enter the Product Details window.

Thereafter, the user needs to search the version and most recent release of the QuickBooks update in the product details window.

The very last move is to equate the update to the new edition of the QuickBooks.

The methods to Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop to the new version

So in overall   there are three methods which can be implemented to retrieve the upgrade from the internet, besides manual upgrading, and one of the methods needs a decent internet connectivity speed.

Let us learn about each method one by one:

  1. Automatic Process of Upgrade (default setting)
  2. On-Demand (Immediate) Process of Upgrade
  3. Download Release
  4. Manual Update

If the QuickBooks updates have been downloaded successfully, the QuickBooks can mount all the critical data automatically at the correct location on your device.

  1. Method for Automatic Upgrade

In this process, the QuickBooks automatically detects the Intuit registry for new releases, as the name says. Even, when the internet service is not in operation, the upgrade is downloaded. As per the default setting of QuickBooks, the available patches will be automatically downloaded from the Intuit server, whether the app is running or not on the device.

This should be remembered that this QuickBooks feature or configuration can be disabled if you do not wish QuickBooks to be automatically modified. We also attempted to write down the steps to disable this function for those who are not sure about how to disable the automated update. Let us take a glance:

  1. Perhaps the first move is to press “Update QuickBooks” from the Help Menu button.
  2. after which, tap on the Options tab in the Upgrade QuickBooks window.
  3. Then, as per your specifications, choose the alternative. Whether the upgrade should be disabled or activated.
  • If you choose to activate the Automatic Update option, select the update you would like to get and also remove the notifications from the update portion that you do not wish to update.
  • If you have disabled the option afterwards, you will not get any notice, even if the Intuit web server is readily accessible for any form of upgrade.
  1. Then press on the button ‘Save’ and then tap End.

Schedule automated future notifications

The user should schedule them for installation later if the user does not wish to download updates immediately. In this phase, the key steps are listed below:

  • The user has to access the help menu first and afterwards choose Upgrade QuickBooks.
  • And thereafter, switch to the tab for options.
  • In order to toggle on automated alerts, the next move is to pick yes.
  • The final move is to click Close.
  1. Method of Instant Upgrade

The next approach is the approach of updating instantly. Through this process, the upgrade can be downloaded directly from the Intuit server on the computer. Irrespective of the fact whether the system operates or is similar to the QuickBooks.

Users of the QuickBooks can use this option at any time to download the updates automatically, even if the automatic update is allowed in the software. In this strategy, the catch is that the user is expected to search for changes only once a month.

  1. Download Release

If QuickBooks users face an upgrade feature problem, or if they do not wish to install updates using the update feature, they can download and install the updates that are accessible. There is a clear need for the upgrade feature to be used to install the required QuickBooks Changes. 

In QuickBooks Pro & Premier, Download Updates for Multi-User Mode

You have to install the upgrade on each device you have been using to use QuickBooks Desktop Pro or Premier in multi-user mode. As well as for updating and installing all the changes, you can connect all the devices to the Internet. You can also download and install the upgrade on your network and share it on a single device.

The provided process must be completed with clear steps to share the notifications that users require:

  • You ought to open the “Shared Company File” at first.
  • thereafter, from the” Help “menu , tap on Update QuickBooks
  • Then Visit the “Options” tab and strike it with a single key…
  • You then need to set the “Sharing Download” to “Yes” option.
  • And then, press the “Save” button.


It will certainly help you to upgrade the QuickBooks desktop to the latest version, particularly if properly followed, following the above measures. It is recommended that you contact our QuickBooks desktop support team of experts and get all your questions answered if you encounter any kind of trouble. By writing to us, you can also contact us at support@quickbooksupport.net. For more information, you can visit- www.quickbooksupport.net. Stay in contact with our current 24 * 7 executives.

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