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As we all are aware that small and mid-sized organizations consider the QuickBooks to be the perfect accounting programme. That is because the programme has the potential to satisfy the financial requirements of the corporation with excellence. The programme enables invoices to be created, sales recorded, tax measured, and multiple other awesome features. The app also provides a paper called a credit memo, containing these features.

We will explore the credit memos and means of making them on the QuickBooks online and QuickBooks   desktop in this post.

 Let us understand what is the credit memo in the QuickBooks?

You will use credit memos in the QuickBooks that can provide a clear view of the credit given to a client. In the QuickBooks programme, a credit note is a paper that helps track bill adjustments and consumer purchases. The QuickBooks credit memo is used for products bought and returned by a client. Owing to unexpected situations, it is used to track client expenses and any cost decreases.

Ways to create a credit memo in the QuickBooks.

  • These measures will allow you to consider the sum that a client owes and also the sum that you own:
  • Firstly, you need to click on refunds and credits on the QuickBooks homepage.
  • You have to press on the consumer choice after that.
  • Then, you need to accurately fill out the credit memo form.
  • Afterwards, you must pick the right platforms from which to deliver the credit memo.
  • Checking the number on the credit memo and afterwards clicking on save and afterwards close is necessary.
  • If there is a balance in the customer’s account, you will get a notice on your system.
  • Finally, you have to review the open balance summary or you may even search the account history of the consumer to determine whether the credit note has been properly applied.

Measures for producing a Credit Memo for returned goods

  • You have to follow the instructions provided below:
  • You ought to press or create a credit memo for your refunds.
  • Tap on the customer after that.
  • Attach the returned objects, press save, and press close after adding them.
  • You must go to the credit window and then pick the suitable alternative from the following options:
  • Retention as an open credit
  • Provide a refund.
  • For an invoice, request.
  • Finally, you need to press the OK button.

 Steps for issuing a check for a refund

  • You have to follow these guidelines as consumers claim their money back:
  •  First of all, you need to press on write checks under the banking menu.
  • Furthermore, you need to include the details you need.
  • The search and the over-payment have to be connected.
  • Only press Save and end.
  • You ought to click on the payments obtained and then on invoice for overpayment.
  • You are then allowed to opt to refund the balance to the client.
  • You’ve got to press save and after that on close.
  • After this, you need to enter the details you need and then click on OK.
  •  Let’s explore the process in the QuickBooks Online to build it.

 Ways to create a credit memo in the QuickBooks online.

The measures in the QuickBooks online for making a credit memo vary from QuickBooks. Accept these guidelines to retain the customer’s credit score:

Step 1- Create a Credit Memo

You have to hold + New first.

Then, you need to pick a credit memo or have alternatives for payment.

It is important to add the customer’s name and fill in the required details with it.

The Date

Service / product products

About quantity


Ultimately, you need to press Save and then close.

Step 2- Apply an Invoice Credit Memo

You need to hold + New initially.

After that, opt to collect payment or accept payment by invoice.

Furthermore, add the name of the customer and you can fill in the fields necessary:

Note: Make sure that you select the same client or initiative you chose for the invoice.

The Date

(It is optional) Memo

You then have to leave the payment system fields, reference no, deposit to, and blank the amount earned.

You must click on the Credit Memo alternative in the Credits section of step 1. Add the credit number your customer needs to do that after that.

Verify that the total amount payable is right.

Finally, you need to press to save, and then near.

Guidelines for adding a credit memo immediately to an invoice

QuickBooks can use these measures as credit memo payments for opened or newly produced invoices:

You must first go to Accounts, then press Account and Preferences.

You have to press on the tab that is advanced. Tap on the edit for this.

Then, press the Auto Apply Credits tab.

Ultimately, you need to press on Save and then do it.

Build a delayed credit and apply it

Step 1: Generating a credit that is delayed

Select+New, firstly.

You are expected to click on the credit that is overdue. On the other hand, if you are in a company vision, you must first follow the instructions to turn to the accountant vision.

After that, you’ll apply the name of the client and fill out all these fields:

The Date

Service items / products

About quantity


Ultimately, you need to press Save and then close.

 Step 2: Apply the credit that has been delayed

Following these steps would affect the balance of the particular period:

Next, you’ve got to pick + New.

You need to click on the invoice or request an invoice then.

First, the consumer to whom you intend to apply the credit should be picked. Filling out the fields like this.

Note: You must click on the small arrow next to the invoice balance if the remaining credits are not clear.

To add a delayed credit to the invoice, you must click on Add.

Finally, you have to press Save and after that close.

Finally, make yourself aware of the development of a QuickBooks Desktop credit memo.


Ways to create a credit memo in the QuickBooks desktop.

In making a rebate report or credit memo, these guidelines will assist you. You should maintain a consumer finance data track record:

Step 1: Create a Credit Memo

To start with, you ought to click on the memo / refunds to build the credit.

You have to press on a choice for the client.

You have to add the things for which to award credit. Clicking on save and afterwards close is the next move.

Step 2: Pick the Credit Handling Procedure

You need to press one of the options here and then press OK.

As an available credit, keep it. The accounting programme applies a negative number to the ledger of accounts receivable. It is possible to use this credit as payment for other purchases. You can see the current credits in the consumer billing window if you have opted to keep them as an accessible credit.

Provide a refund. You may issue a refund in cash, a check, or a credit card to the app customer.

For an invoice, request. The accounting programme opens the credit application window with the invoices. You ought to press an invoice for it.

Option 1: Retention as an available credit choice

You need to press on clients first, and then collect payments.

Then, you’ve got to press on your client. Tap on the discounts and credits for this

Then, the credit you wish to pay for must be checked and then pressed.

In order to validate the move, you can see a message on your machine saying. You’ve got to press yes.

Finally, press to save, and then close.

Option 2: Offer a refund

The check will be automatically filled out. You have to press OK afterwards.

The verification has to be connected to your overpayment.

Tap on the fees to collect them.

You have to press on a choice for the client. After that, press the button for deals and credits.

You have to pick the check that you created and then click done. To validate the move, you can get a message on the PC. Only press yes. This way, the balance would be added to the invoice automatically.

Tap on save & close at last.

Method 3: Request an Invoice Credit

You need to check that you have identified a customer while making a credit memo: Task.

Then, you need to press the credit button, and afterwards you’re done.

With the aid of the article, ideally you have grasped the QuickBooks credit memo step-by – step process.


You’ve already grasped what a credit memo in the QuickBooks is after reading the article. The steps for making a memo in the QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, and QuickBooks Desktop are included in the article for your convenience. The measures will assist you in recognizing the financial position of the client and consumer every day. If you are unsure of the method of making a memo in the app, you should take the aid of this and if you have any trouble then our expertise can aid solve the issue by calling our QuickBooks support team. At support@quickbooksupport.net, you can also write to us. For more info, visit www.quickbooksupport.net.

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