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The QuickBooks is user-friendly accounting software primarily used for both small and medium-sized enterprises. It helps to ease the work. However the user can face certain technical difficulties and other situations as no software is flawless.

In this article we’ll explain the causes, conditions under which the error can occur, and ways to fix the error. So Lets just go ahead and know more about the QuickBooks com fault crashes more carefully.

Some users have been telling about this QuickBooks com error that has irritated them. When such kinds of errors appear on the computer, the QuickBooks programmed crashes down without preserving the executed data.

The com error usually happens whenever the user tries to go through transactions (SO, PO, Retailer Invoice, sending files, trying to print records, after the upgrade to windows) and whenever the user uses the QuickBooks’ email systems within it. This type of problem arises when the outlook is a “Click-to-Run” version on the user’s Desktop that can be reviewed with outlook.

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What does the QuickBooks crash Com Error mean?

A “Crash Com Error” typically occurs when the Microsoft is launches critical upgrades. This mistake may be encountered as the user tries to send emails, Pay stubs, invoices, files or transactions. A Quick Books user who uses MS Excel, Office application or Web connectors on a regular basis may indeed face the “Crash Com Error.”

In several ways this Crash Com error in the QuickBooks can be corrected. Consider the measures given below and implement the procedures properly. If this problem cannot be solved by a particular solution, immediately switch towards the next way to solve and execute it with caution.

The possible reasons for the occurrence of the QuickBooks Com Error Crashes.

The QuickBooks crash com error could be triggered by one or more of the reasons mentioned below:-

  • When a worm or virus impedes the synchronization.
  • If the Element of the Windows and MS-Office is damaged or missing.
  • Since QuickBooks communication mechanism is blocked by the firewall
  • If the QuickBooks software is unable to connect via Email or Customer Support.
  • Elements of QuickBooks software are compromised or incomplete.
  • The essential QuickBooks components or files have been damaged due to the extreme malicious software.

Circumstances infer which the QuickBooks crash com error occurs

You must know when this error occurs before following the QuickBooks crash com error debugging measure. For such an error the correction measures are all the same, no matter what you did or where the error happened.

  • Users could even see an error when trying to open a report.
  • This could occur as the users want to give their customers e-mail invoices.
  • This problem can happen while you’re attempting to open a check register.
  • This error can occur while trying to save something.
  • Com error may occur on the monitor when the user tries to open invoices.
  • You can see an error on your computer if you add anything to it.

Various ways to Fix the QuickBooks Com Error Crashes

The QuickBooks com error may be repaired using different approaches, you will need to follow one or more of the procedure adopted below. Before executing the approaches below, do not forget to make a backup for the QuickBooks data:-

Solution 1: Make System Changes

  • At first upgrade the Microsoft Windows, Outlook and Microsoft Office.
  • And after that change the default mail program-me to Outlook.
  • Then temporarily deactivate the virus protection.
  • Afterwards, quickly apply the Exceptions to QuickBooks Firewall.
  • Finally restart the system and check if the QuickBooks crash com issue has been repaired, and then continue to the next solution.

Solution 2: QuickBooks Desktop and Company File Fine-tuning

  • At First, open and update your QuickBooks software to the most recent version.
  • Thereafter, if you know the QuickBooks Upgrade Errors, try manual updates.
  • Then open and assess the QuickBooks company file to verify the   data genuineness of the company file.
  • Afterwards Open the product on which the QuickBooks crash com error happened and try to email it.
  • Finally, try opening some other document or form and try to send it to you by email to check whether the same error occurs.

Solution 3: Rounding QuickBooks Form Preferences

  • You ought to open the QuickBooks and Company File in the first place.
  • After that Tap the Edit option in that select Preferences and from their choose Send Forms and then click on My Preferences.
  • Afterwards you can view the Outlook as your choice, and then select the ‘Email’ option and send it again.
  • Finally switch to Outlook Mail Settings: click on Control Panel in that select Open Mail, and select Microsoft Outlook.


Solution 4: Repair the Windows and Microsoft Office

  • At First, you ought to fix your Microsoft Office and repair the damaged or non responsive elements.
  • And after that try updating your QuickBooks software and restart your system.
  • Then, you need to update your Windows again.
  • At the end, eradicate any malicious and unidentified software installed on your system.

Solution 5: Configure QuickBooks Firewall and Security Exceptions

  • Initially, you ought to add QuickBooks Firewall Exceptions immediately to QuickBooks Communication Funnel.
  • Afterwards, Configure QuickBooks method and port Exceptions in the security software of your computer (as per user manual directions)
  • Thereafter, restart your system and make sure the settings remain complete.
  • Finally, try and open a different report or form and try to send it to yourself to check if Crash Com Error continues, if yes then move on to the next solution.

Solution 6: Link your Client / Email to the QuickBooks Desktop

  • Here you need to get your email settings so you need to keep in touch with your email service provider.
  • And after that give third party access to the application in your email service / customer control panel.
  • In case you have a non-legacy email client, stay in touch with the respective developers to obtain port details and other QuickBooks software requirements.
  • Then add or configure your email settings as recommended by your service provider.
  • Finally, verify if QuickBooks crash com error still occurs by trying to open a new report or form and try to send it to yourself.


Hope the article will be a help to you to know how to resolve the QuickBooks crash com error. However, if you face any problem you can make a call on our QuickBooks customer care number and take assistance from ingenious professionals. You can also write to us at support@quickbooksupport.net . For more information visit – www.quickbooksupport.net. Stay in touch with our executives present 24*7 to guide you.

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