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Call QuickBooks Customer Support to Connect an Existing Payments Account to QuickBooks Desktop

In this article you will learn how to connect an existing payments account to the QuickBooks desktop for convenient payments of invoices online.

By signing up for QuickBooks payments from QuickBooks desktop your accounts are connected directly.

In case, you’ve signed up for QuickBooks Payments from another product of QuickBooks then also you can connect your payment account and process payments.

Please note:  You can makes use of the QuickBooks Payment account for a single company file at a point of time on the QuickBooks desktop. Follow the steps below to connect your account to another file.

Step 1: Connecting your payment account

 Go to the Customers menu in the QuickBooks Desktop. Now, Select Link Payment Service to Company File.  Fill out the fields if you see a message about credit card protection and then click on OK.

Now enter your Email Id and password of QuickBooks Payments account and sign in again.

Click on connect or transfer (in case, you want to transfer your payments account to another company)

Once connected to your account you see an icon on your homepage. This indicates that you are signed in.

Step 2: Make changes in the account in which QuickBooks puts money into

If you want, you can keep using the very same account you used to deposit payments. If you wish to change then follow the steps.

Continue reading to learn l how to switch the bank account QuickBooks Payments puts customer payments into or call QuickBooks Customer support.

At the time of using QuickBooks Payments to process payments of ACH and credit cards the payments goes to an external account that you pick. Known as your payments account.

 The external bank account can changed easily and deposits can be made in it.

Important tip: If you make changes in the account after 3 PM, your new account will be used on the next business day. If processed prior to 3PM the account will be put on hold.

What type of can be used to deposit payments : 

Make changes in your payments account; follow the steps according to the QuickBooks payment you use.

QuickBooks Online

Open a web browser and sign in to QuickBooks online.  Note: Make sure you are not using the mobile app or GoPayments.

In settings, select account and settings.

Click on the payments tab and the select Change bank in the Deposits section next to Standard Deposits.

Click on Add new bank account.

Now you need to enter the Routing Number and Account Number of the bank account in which you wish to make changes. (You can also directly log in to your bank and save time).

Click on Save.

Now, review the information of the bank account selected, then click on Submit.

QuickBooks will now automatically begin to deposit customer payments from online invoices and other sources into the new account that is created.

Mind, that it doesn’t changes the way of payments categorization in your chart of accounts. This only changes the bank account in which the payments are deposited. Find below how to change the way QuickBooks categorizes customer payments on your chart of accounts, you can also call QuickBooks support to know more.

QuickBooks Online Mobile app or GoPayments

Sign in to QuickBooks Online In a web browser, open QuickBooks online and sign in and follow the steps. You will not be able to change the account from the mobile app or GoPayments.

QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Point of Sale

In case of QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Point of Sale, you will have to make necessary changes in the Merchant Service Center.

  • Sign into your Merchant Service Center.
  • Click on the Account menu and then select Account Profile.
  •  Select Edit present in the Deposit Account Information section .
  • Fill out the details in the New bank account section
  • Enter your bank’s routing number in the Routing Number. (Look up for your bank’s routing number online in case you don’t have the check handy.)
  •  Enter the number of the account you want to make changes to in the Account Number field .You’ll have to enter it again in the Confirm Account Number field.
  • Ensure that the name of the Account Holder/Doing Business matches, as the field matches the bank account owner’s exact name.
  • Choose the reason from the account change dropdown.
  • When done, click on Submit.

 Please Note :  Reach out to your bank if you see a Routing Number Invalid error .

Remember, by doing this you do not change the manner QuickBooks categorizes your transactions but the account QuickBooks puts payments into.

Step 3 : In this step you’ll turn on payment options and online invoices

Once your accounts are connected, you’ll have to turn on payment options and process payments.

Read the article ahead to learn how to accept and process customer payments for invoices and in-person sales or call QuickBooks Support.

You can process payments the right ways in QuickBooks Desktop if you have QuickBooks Payments. Few ways to get paid by turning on payments online for invoices emailed to customers. Customers can make payments through credit cards or ACH by simply clicking on the link in the email. Payments can also be processed in person or over the phone.

QuickBooks Desktop

Read further to learn about processing fees for QuickBooks Payments or call QuickBooks Customer Support.

Step 1: Create or log in to your existing QuickBooks Payments account

  • In case you haven’t already signed up for QuickBooks Payments.
  • Connect your existing account to QuickBooks Desktop if you already have a QuickBooks payments account.

Step 2: Processing your payments in QuickBooks Desktop

  • For getting paid follow the steps, if you wish to send your customer an invoice they can pay you online or in person.
  • Sending invoices that customers need to pay online. Step to send online invoices in QuickBooks Desktop.
  •  Processing of in-person payments
  • If customers come into your business or call to make a payment, You don’t need to send your customer an invoice if they come to your business or make payments over a call. You’ll have to create a sales receipt:
  • In the Customers menu and click on Create Sales Receipts.
  • Choose the customer from the [Customer: Job] dropdown.
  • Make addition of products and services the customers are paying for.
  • Fill out the remaining sales receipt.
  • Choose the method of payment
  • Once you are done, click on Save & Close.
  • In case you are selecting Visa for the payment method:
  • Enter the details of the  credit card the pop-up window, and click on  Done. If you have a card reader, click on Insert/Swipe Card and then swipe the card.
  • Click on Process Payment.

In case of a Check:

Ensure you have a signed authorization form, this lets your customer permit you to debit their account.

If the customer’s email address is already added , QuickBooks automatically sends  a copy of the sales receipt to the customer.

How to process payments for open invoices?

In case you have sent the invoice to your customer but the wish to pay you in person or over a phone call then you have few options. If you sent them an online invoice they can pay by clicking on the Pay Now Button and finish payment.

  • Payments can also be processed by matching it to their existing invoice:
  • In the Customers menu and click on Receive Payments.
  • From the Received From dropdown choose the customer.
  •  Select the checkbox next to the invoice in the transactions section, you wish to apply the payment to. The invoice should already be you sent to them.
  • Choose the method of payment.
  •  Once done, click on Save & Close.
  • In case you are selecting Visa for the payment method:
  • Enter the details of the credit card the pop-up window, and click on done. If you have a card reader, click on Insert/Swipe Card and then swipe the card.
  • Click on Process Payment.
  • In case of a Check:

Ensure you have a signed authorization form; this lets your customer permit you to debit their account.

Step 3: For customer payments, learn about times of deposits.

QuickBooks puts the money received directly in your bank account after the payments are processed. It is deposited in the account that you had picked up for payments of QuickBooks. The time of deposits depends on the product and the payments plan. Learn more about deposit times for QuickBooks Payments by calling QuickBooks support.

Please Note: Your first payments may take a bit longer if you are new to payments while your account is being set up by us. A customer payment does not take long to process.

To know more on how handle payments on QuickBooks Customer Support write to us at . For more information visit, .

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