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Call QuickBooks Customer Care Support to Connect LMN and QuickBooks Desktop

So, here in this post we will update you on getting connection with Landscape Management Network. It uses an integration tool to getting synced your data to QuickBooks. By accessing the tool, Landscape Management Network sync your estimates, inventory, invoices or jobs. In that case you can perform for the following:

  • Convert your estimates into invoices of company file in QuickBooks.
  • To keep record of expenses using purchase or sales orders.
  • To create pay checks in QuickBooks by using time tracking from LMN.

Our QuickBooks Customer Care Support team will help you out to resolve the issue:

Method 1: Add list items in QuickBooks to match LMN list items

Prior to your syncing with Landscape Management Network and QuickBooks, you must create list items in QuickBooks which will reconcile with LMN list items. You can add the following list items to both Landscape Management Network and QuickBooks so that the integration tool can reconcile with.

  • Sales Tax –
    • Landscape Management Network uses tax codes. Such tax codes add the tax rates to the Estimates and Invoices.
    • QuickBooks uses sales tax codes in a variant way.
    • When you are added to a customer, the tax code will make that customer taxable or tax exempt.
    • When you had added more sales tax codes which is required to be created, which will be either taxable or not.
  • Classes: You are required to create classes in QuickBooks
  • Service Items: You are required to add all service items in QuickBooks. Landscape Management Network has a few number of Cost Codes which is required to set up as parent items in QuickBooks that connects to income accounts.
  • Wage Items: If you are using QuickBooks Payroll, it is required to be applied in QuickBooks and which can be further added to the employees.

If you are over with these above mentioned steps, continue with the next step or you may consult with QuickBooks Customer Care Support.

Method 2: Download the QuickBooks integration tool

In Landscape Management Network, you can download the QuickBooks integration tool. You are required to perform an initial set up to match Landscape Management Network with your company file. Confirm that you have signed in to QuickBooks as an admin.

  • In LMN, click on QuickBooks, then click on Setup.
  • Click on Click here to download the LMN QB Sync Desktop App.
  • Try to open the file, then go through the on screen instructions

Consult with our expert leaders at QuickBooks Customer Care Support to resolve this issue.

Method 3: Set up your import or exports in Landscape Management Network

When you are planning to import or export in LMN. Once you have linked with your company file, landscape management network will reconcile with the transactions:

  • Tax items.
  • QuickBooks items to LMN Cost Codes.
  • Classes to LMN Cost Codes.

Method 4: Type your Estimates, Invoices and timesheets

If above methods works out, then you are successful. Else if you are still struggling with the issues contact QuickBooks Customer Care Support. You are free to contact us at QuickBooks Customer Care Support and you can also drop us a mail at support@quickbooksupport.net. You can also visit our website at www.quickbooksupport.net.

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