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Set up and manage your Direct Deposit for Contractors with QuickBooks Customer Support

You are at a point where you need to pay to the contractors with direct deposit and all this is happened in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll. With the help of QuickBooks Desktop Payroll, you are required to pay to vendors and 1099 independent contractors.

QuickBooks is accounting software used for various financial accounting tools to run your company file where in single software you can perform various functions in QuickBooks. And the best part is whatever software version you are having it is updated on that. With all the latest feature you will be relaxed at the time of accessing QuickBooks as a software.

The steps for set up or edit direct deposit for your contractors:

If you are using QuickBooks Payroll Desktop for Basic, Standard and Enhanced

  • Check the version of QuickBooks Desktop you are using, it should be the latest release
  • In the Vendor Center tab, double click on the name of vendor on which you want to add the deposit
  • In the Additional Info tab, click on the Direct Deposit
  • Choose the Use Direct Deposit for: [Vendor Name], and type the name of the bank, account number you are linked with and type of account.
  • Click on Send Confirmation Direct Deposits To[email address]
  • It should include the following:
    • Name of your company
    • Total payment which is to be paid
    • The date on which independent contractor will pay
  • When asked, type your direct deposit PIN

If you are not able to perform in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll for these three version, immediately call us on our toll free number.

If you are using QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted

  • In the Vendor Center
  • Choose any vendor, double click on the name of specified vendor
  • Then click on Edit Vendor window
  • In the Additional Info tab, choose the Direct Deposit button
  • Now, Service Account Page will be opened
  • Type your Direct Deposit PIN number
  • Go through the insight instructions provided
  • Click on Confirmation screen

With this you will be able to make our independent contractor for direct deposit.

We really hope, now will be able to perform QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted on your own, but if still you are facing same hassles while saving or generating this, you may contact us at QuickBooks Customer Support @ 1-800-731-1629 and you can also drop a mail to us  on our mail id at support@quickbooksupport.net.

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