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Contact QuickBooks Help to Record a Cash Storage and Overage

When you are using any software you need support, guidance. But what will you do when you are not able to get that at that point of time when you needed. So, need not to worry, stay connected with QuickBooks Support USA to get the best customer support regarding any query related to QuickBooks. This is the best QuickBooks help you can get worldwide. If we will talk about cash storage then it is when the amount in your cash drawer is not matched up with your Z-Out Drawer Count report in QuickBooks Point of Sale.

You access the Z-Out Drawer Count report to record your total cash flow for complete day. If you carry less money or more money in your cash drawer than you should carry, either you have cash shortage or overage. Thus in orders to be updated with QuickBooks feel free to stay in touch with us. To resolve QuickBooks Cash storage and overage error follow the onscreen instructions carefully:

Method 1: To verify whether there is a shortage or overage

  • Do the recount of money from the cash drawer.
  • Check whether the beginning and ending amounts in the Z-Out Drawer Count report are accurate.
    • Click on to the Reports menu.
    • Choose Cash Drawer, and then click on Z-Out Drawer Count.
    • Modify the date, and then choose Apply date range.
  • Evaluate the amount available in the cash drawer to the amount in the report.

If at all amounts displayed are the same, then you need not to worry. But if there’s an overage or shortage, continue with the next mentioned steps proceed to Step 2.

Method 2: Run a Financial Exchange

  • Click on to the financial menu, and then choose Financial Center.
  • In the Actions section, click on Update QuickBooks Desktop Now.

Method 3: Generate a shortage or overage account in QuickBooks Desktop

If you already have a shortage or overage account, follow the steps mentioned in next solution, you can also contact us at QuickBooks Support USA:

  • Click on to the Lists menu, and then choose Chart of Accounts.
  • In the Accounts dropdown menu, click on new.
  • Click onto an account type, and then choose Continue.
  • Fulfill the account information, and then click on Save & Close.

Method 4: Record the shortage or overage using a deposit

  • Click on to the Banking menu, and then choose Make Deposits.
  • If the Payments to Deposit window gets opened, click on the pending payments you want to deposit, then click on OK.
  • In the Make Deposits window, choose Save & New.
  • Modify the Deposit to, Date, and Memo fields.
  • In the small arrow icon in the Received From column, click on Cash in Drawer.
  • In the small arrow icon in the From Account column, click on your shortage or overage account.
  • In the Amount column, type the shortage (negative amount) or overage (positive amount).
  • Click on Save & Close.

We really expect that you got the perfect guidance or support from us. But, if still you are facing any issue you can directly contact us at @ 1-800-731-1629 at our QuickBooks help, our team of experts with their proficient knowledge are always available to help you out in resolving issues and will try their best to guide you well. You can also send us an email at support@quickbooksupport.net. Our executives are always available 24*7 to help you out.

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