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Learn to Resolve Incorrect Open Balance Error

This error is most important error to go through. Data damage causes a transaction which shows an incorrect open balance. The Verify Data utility searches out such errors of damaged transaction and log errors in the QBWIN.log:

Error: Verify Target: Invalid Open Balance.

Error: Verify Item: Item history Item Quantity on Hand mismatch error.

Here we will discuss how to resolve incorrect Open Balance Error

Method 1: Rebuild and verify your company file

  • To Rebuild data.
    • Click on to File menu 
    • Select Utilities 
    • Click on Rebuild Data.
    • Select OK when you see the prompt to back up the file
    • Once Rebuild has completed appears, select OK and move onto next step.
  • To Verify data.
    • Click on to File menu 
    • Select Utilities 
    • Click on Verify Data.
    • When the message is viewed to you QuickBooks detected no problem with your data
    • Select OK. You can now continue using the file.
    • If problem is not verified even after detection by QuickBooks, perform the next step.

Method 2: Recognize and Resolve damaged transactions manually

  • Recognize the item number using the QBWIN.log.
    • When QuickBooks is open, continue pressing F2 or 
    • Keep holding Ctrl+to open the Product Information window.
    • Continue holding Ctrl+to open the Tech Help window and then move to the Open File tab.
    • In the Open File tab, search for QBWIN.log, and then select Open.
    • Once QBWIN.log is open, press Ctrl+ F for Find window and locate for the error.
    • Jot down all the details of the error containing record number, transaction type, and the date. The full error messages displays like this:
      • Error: Verify Target: Invalid Open Balance. Rcrd = [XXXX] Type: [transaction type] txn # [XXXX] Date: [XX/XX/XXXX] Doc# [XXXX] Source Account: [AccountName]
      • Error: Verify Item: Item history Item Quantity on Hand mismatch error. Item ID [XXXXX] expected value: [XXXXX] found value: [XXXXX]
  • How will you manually fix damaged transaction? 
    • Damaged transaction link or date
      • Open the appropriate transaction in the QBWIN.log.
      • Modify transaction date 20 years into the future (i.e. 1/6/2018 to 1/6/2038).
      • Select Save & Close
    • Transaction out of balance
      • Open the transaction mentioned in the QBWIN.log.
      • Go to the last of the items on the transactions.
      • You can easily add any item then Save & Close.
      • Re-open the edited transaction and discard the added item.
      • Choose Save & Close.

This article is very crucial to go through. We request you to kindly go through carefully before processing; it will surely help you out in resolving on your own for high level functioning. You can anytime contact us to our QuickBooks Customer Care support @ 1-800-731-1629 and you can also drop us an email at support@quickbooksupport.net.

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