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Set Up and Install A Multi-User Network for Quickbooks Desktop Using Quickbooks

How to set up a multi-user network so computers on your network can access your company files using QuickBooks.

Are you looking to share your QuickBooks Desktop for Windows data with multiple team members? QuickBooks will help you to set up a multi-user network so you can access your company files from other computers.

The setup will want you to adjust settings in QuickBooks Desktop, your server and Windows.

Step 1: The first step requires you to set up QuickBooks Desktop

While using a multi-user network, one computer is the hostage of your company files. This is your server computer. All other computers that don’t host your company’s files are called work stations.

  1. If you haven’t already installed QuickBooks, follow the steps to downloadand then install QuickBooks Desktop on your server computer.
  2. For the install type Select Custom and Network install.
  3. From the given options select I’ll be using QuickBooks Desktop on this computer, AND I’ll be storing… if you are looking for the full version of QuickBooks Desktop on your server computer. Unless, you just want your server computer to host your files, select I will NOT be using QuickBooks Desktop on this computer
  4. After completing the above steps, follow the instructions on the screen to finish the install.

To make it easy to share your company’s file over your network, we strongly recommend keeping your company files on your server computer’s local hard drive.

Follow the steps to map the drive, if you are willing to keep your files on a mapped network drive.

Step 2: Setting folder permissions

Follow the given steps to set up folder permissions on your server computer. The folder holding your company files should have permission to be on your network.

Step 3: Install Database Server Manager

If you follow the procedure in Step 1, QuickBooks also installs QuickBooks Database Server Manager on your server computer. The QuickBooks Database Server Manager tool lets you share your company files with other computers over your network.

Keep a check that QuickBooks Database Server Manager is installed.

Step 5: Setting admin rights

Make sure that the user account you are using to sign in to your server computer has Windows admin rights.

Also, keep a note that the Windows user account for Database Server Manager has admin rights.

Step 6: Use Database Server Manager

After you install the Database Server Manager, scan the folder holding your company files by following these steps.

Step 7: After completing the above steps turn on hosting

After setting up everything outside of QuickBooks, all you need to do is turn on Multi-user Access on your server computer. Your server computer should be the only computer to have this feature turned on.

Once you have completed all of the above steps move to QuickBooks Desktop, go to the File menu and hover over Utilities.

  1. Select Host Multi-User Access. Then select Yes to confirm.

Now your company files can be hosted over your network.

Sign in as a user with admin rights on your server computer and workstations, whenever you want to access your multi-user network.

To know Up and Install A Multi-User Network for Quickbooks Desktop call on Quickbooks phone number USA. Also, you can write us at support@quickbooksupport.net. Feel free to reach us anytime; our team of executives is 24/7 available at your service. For more information visit, www.quickbooksupport.net.

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