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Know How To Create And Manage Statements in Quickbooks With The Help Of QuickBooks Support Number

With this article, the QuickBooks support team will guide you how you can satisfy your customers by providing them the statements of their account. A statement summarizes customer’s accounts over a particular period. If you are unable to get the statement or get any error; feel free to call QuickBooks support team for instant help.

Steps to create statements

Creating a statement for a single customer

1. Select sales from the left menu and choose customers.

2. Select the name of the customer for whom you want to create the statement.

3. Select create statements from the actions drop-down list.

4. Choose the type of statement you want to create.

5. Choose the respective dates for the statement.

6. Click on apply to view the statement.

7. Click on saved to make the changes.

Creating a statement for multiple customers

1. From the toolbar, click on the plus (+) icon.

2. Select statements from others.

3. Select the recipients.

4. Once you are done click on save and close. Your statement is now created. You can also choose print & preview at the bottom to check the statement.

Creating statements for sub-customers until set to bill with parent

1. From the left menu, click sales> customers.

2. Select the sub-customer and click on edit.

3. Set the drop-down to bill this customer where you see the ‘is sub-customer box’.

4. Now proceed to create the statement for the customer

Steps to manage statements

You can manage your statements according to your business needs.

Managing statement from the customer record

1. Click sales > customers, from the left menu that appears.

2. Select the customer name.

3. Choose statements from the filter drop-down.

4. After selecting the date, click on apply.

5. Choose a row to view the respective statement.

Managing statement from sales transaction page

1. Select sales > all sales from the left menu that appears.

2. Select the Filter drop-down, and choose Statements from the Transactions type drop-down.

3. Additional criteria can be set according to the needs. Click on Apply.

4. Choose a row to view the respective statement.

5. Select reset to clear all the filters and click on apply.

Look for statements using the search bar

1. Click on the Search icon on the Toolbar, and then select Advanced Search.

2. Select Statements from Transaction type drop-down, and then select Search.

3. Customize the Date Filter as required.

4. Select reset to clear all the filters and click on apply.

Creating a statement list report

1. Click on reports from the left menu that appears.

2. Generate the report by selecting a statement list from the search field.

3. You can customize the report by adding/deleting columns from the report.

Editing a statement

You can easily make changes in the customer’s statement (if required).

• Create a new statement and also change the type of Statement Start and end date and/or the Customer Balance status to reflect other transactions.

• Edit the transaction that appears on a particular statement. All statements will automatically reflect the changes including that particular invoice.

The content of the activity column of the statement can be customized. You may also edit whether you want to show aging info at the bottom of the statement or not.

Deleting a Statement

You can also delete a statement. You need to pull up the Statement List report to do this.

1. Select reports from the left menu that appears.

2. Search for Statement List, In the Search box on the upper right.

3. You can customize the report by adding or removing columns on your report.

4. Select the statement row to be deleted.

5. Choose to Delete.

Contact QuickBooks Support team on our toll-free number to get more help with the statements.

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