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QuickBooks Support for Deleting or Restoring an Account in QuickBooks

While working with QuickBooks you may, many times require deleting an account from your company or you may want to restore a deleted account. This article will guide you on how you can delete an account or restore a deleted account in QuickBooks. A QuickBooks Support team will guide you with all the steps to let you perform your desired action. You can also contact our QuickBooks support team for more guidance and assistance.

You can always delete the accounts from QuickBooks, which are no longer in use. If you are deleting your account, you may surely have a concern regarding your previous transactions. In that case, you don’t need to worry about anything as deleting an account doesn’t erase any of the transaction made with that account. You can always find them in your reports. And QuickBooks also allows you to restore the account that you have deleted.

Know about the Deleted Accounts

Once you delete an account, it gets removed from the Chart of Accounts, and all the other places where the option to choose the account is available. The transactions done with that account will always remain a part of the company data. You can look for them anytime through reports.

If the balance sheet account is deleted with transactions, and the account balance(the total amount of all the transactions), an auto-create journal entry will be made by QuickBooks Online Support to zero-out that account balance. This is to maintain a balanced Balance Sheet. It is recommended not to delete Deleting balance sheet accounts with balances. Ensure to correct the account to zero before deleting them.

You can edit or delete the deleted income and expense account transactions from where it is located and it can be opened through reports.

Note: QuickBooks creates some special and default accounts, according to the company preferences. You cannot delete any of those accounts.

Steps to Delete an Account

1. From the toolbar, choose the gear icon

2. Select the chart of accounts Under Your Company

3. Look for the account which you want to delete.

4. Select delete from the action column drop-down list.

5. Click yes on the confirmation message to delete the account.

Steps to Delete Multiple Accounts

If you want to delete multiple accounts at one time, follow the steps below:

1. Select Accounting from the left menu that appears.

2. Choose/mark all the accounts you want to delete.

3. Click on batch action. And choose delete from the drop-down list.

4. Click yes on the confirmation message to delete the selected accounts.

Steps to Restore a Deleted Account

1. From the toolbar, choose the gear icon

2. Select the chart of accounts Under Your Company

3. Click the small gear icon located just above the action column, and then check to Include inactive.

4. Look for the account which you want to restore.

5. Choose Make active to enable the account again.

Error for the Account

If you see an error message displaying “This account cannot be deleted because it is used by a product or service,” you would be required to change the product or service account, or you may delete the product or service if it is not required anymore.

Follow the steps to change the account linked to a product or service:

1. From the toolbar, choose the gear icon

2. Choose Products and Services from lists.

3. Locate the item and from the action, column click on edit

4. Change the account associated with the product or service.

5. You can also apply the change to already enter transactions. For that click on Also update this account with historical transaction options.

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