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Unable To Reach The Quickbooks Company File? Contact Quickbooks Support

If you are reading this article, you must probably be having an issue accessing your QuickBooks company file. Make your work worry-free since QuickBooks support team will resolve all your issues regarding company file. Connection to the QuickBooks company file may be lost for multiple reasons. You may encounter various error messages while opening company files in windows. It may show:

• -6000, -80

• -6000, -77

• -6176, 0

• Server Busy

• The system cannot find the path specified

Hereby, QuickBooks support will provide you with multiple solutions to resolve your issue.

Solution 1: close and reopen the file. Sometimes these errors come only when you first attempt to open your company file and the file gets opened in the second attempt.

Solution 2: check for QuickBooks update. Make sure you are updated with the latest release of QuickBooks.

Solution 3: try opening the QuickBooks file as administrator.

1. Close QuickBooks and go to the QuickBooks icon on the desktop.

2. Right-click the icon and select run as administrator.

3. Now try to open the company file again.

Solution 4: check and fix UAC (user account control) setting

If you are windows 10, 8.1, and 8 users follow the steps below:

1. Close the current QuickBooks window

2. Press windows key on your keyboard and type user account control

3. Click settings>change user account control settings

4. You will see a level slider. Check and note the current level of the slider and Move the slider to the highest setting, always notify.

For windows 7/vista users

1. Close the current QuickBooks window

2. Type UAC in the start menu search field or control panel search box.

3. Go to Change User Account Control link.

4. Check and note the current level of the slider and take it to the highest settings, always notify.

5. Launch QuickBooks and close it again.

6. Go back to the user account control settings and take the slider back to the previous position which you noted earlier.

7. Launch QuickBooks and try to open company file again.

Solution 5: check for company file’s access mode settings.

1. Go to company file in windows explorer

2. Look for company (.QWB) file and right-click on that.

3. Click on the general tab and look for the read-only checkbox. Make sure that the checkbox is clear and the company file is not set as read-only.

4. Select ok and try opening the QuickBooks company file again.

Solution 6: check for your internet explorer settings

1. Go to internet explorer.

2. Click on the gear icon located on the upper right corner of the window.

3. Select internet options

4. Go to advanced tab

5. Look for the security section and check for the following options:

• Use SSL 2.0

• Use SSL 3.0

• Use TLS 1.0

Solution 7: try to open the QuickBooks company file as windows administrator

Solution 8: check windows settings for your QuickBooks.

Note: make sure all the permissions are correctly set for QuickBooks to function properly .check for the ownership of the Intuit folder.

Solution 9: check for network and security settings.

The firewall needs to be configured for QuickBooks updates and file access.

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