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QuickBooks Support : How to Resolve Performance Issues with QuickBooks Desktop

Sometimes users may experience various types of QuickBooks performance issues associated with the desktop version of QuickBooks that might include slowness or other similar types of behaviors. Mostly, these issues encounter when users attempt to operate their accounting software with a quite large company file or over a small network. If you are willing to resolve such type of slow performance issues, then you must need to understand the reason behind these frequent errors. In order to help you out with these aspects, our QuickBooks support experts suggest some reasons that help you to know the exact reason behind QuickBooks desktop’s slow performance issues.

When you use QuickBooks Desktop on daily basis, then you will observe that this attempt fills up your data file storage rapidly. Thus, as your data file rate increases, it demands more resources to handle the same. It’s quite unusual to manage a large number of data files on the existing network if the number rises beyond the limit. In such case, you will need to enhance the efficiency of your existing network to overcome slow performance parameters.

Let’s discuss following issues that are responsible for the slow performance of your accounting software. Additionally, if you are willing to resolve slow performance issues, then make sure your network setup remains within the given recommendations.

Enhance your computers

One among the most necessary improvements that you have to manage for improving slow performance issues includes the amount of RAM that you share with the server computer that is responsible for hosting your company file. Thus, if you share less than 4 GB space with your server computer, then you must need to upgrade its capacity for improving slow performance issues. Otherwise, you may refer QuickBooks support experts to efficiently upgrade your hardware.

Where your company files are stored

You attempt to store QuickBooks’ company files confers a noticeable impact on the slow performance of QuickBooks Desktop. In order to overcome slow performance issues make sure that you are using Linux or Windows based server computer, instead of a NAS Device. However, users are recommended to go through preferred company file locations in terms of optimizing currently available data file locations.

What kind of network do you have?

You will obtain optimized results after setting up proper networks. Some certified QuickBooks tech support experts will recommend having following setups for improving slow performance issues.

• Have hardwired networks in spite of wireless networks

• Work with Gigabit network cards, switches, router, and Cat6 network cables to experience gigabit network speeds.

If you still deal with slow performance issues with QuickBooks Desktop then feel free to contact our QuickBooks help number.

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