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QuickBooks Phone Number For Resolving The Error -6000, -301

Contact on the quickbooks phone number for resolving the error -6000, -301. This error happens when QuickBooks attempts to engage a company file. The error may be caused to single or multiple reasons. It can be a result of any of the following; one or many of the QuickBooks Desktop Support Files are corrupt. These files are:

• The Transaction Log (TLG) file

• The Network Descriptor (ND) file

• The Data Source Name (DSN) file

Also, the error can pop up if the company file is corrupt or damaged and the Encryption application is installed.

There are 4 possible solutions to the above error. It is important to note that you should try these solutions one by one chronologically and see which one is the best suited and applicable to resolve the error. These solutions are :

• Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop to the latest patch

• Rephrase the names of the QuickBooks support files

• Implement the QuickBooks File Doctor

• If you implement any encryption software, disable it.

When we speak of upgrading QuickBooks to the latest patch, there are two methods to it. You can either update the software manually or prefer an automatic update. Manually speaking, you can do it by downloading it from the net, from within the QuickBooks desktop itself and critical fixes (ULIP). Now moving to automatic update, you can use automatic update now feature to download the latest patch or prefer to download automatically in the future.

You can also choose to Rephrase the names of the QuickBooks support files, this can be done by opening the folder that contains your company file. Now, search for the files with same recognition parameters as your QuickBooks file but with extensions .tlg, .nd and/or .dsn. Subsequently, right-click every file and select Rename adding the word .OLD to all of them. However note that the files are by themselves recreated by QuickBooks.

Up until now if you think you require assistance in understanding any of the above protocols or doubts regarding the execution, reach out at the quickbooks phone number. Your queries pertaining to the error -6000, -301 will be solved instantly.

Moving on to implementation of QuickBooks file doctor, you first need to download the QuickBooks file doctor on your computer and install it on the desktop. Once installed, The QuickBooks File Doctor launches by itself after installing. If you do not see it launching, search for a green wrench icon in your Windows task bar. It will diagnose the cause of error and correct it by itself in no time. Lastly, disable any third part encryption software running in the background. Contact your third party encryption service provider for more details.

We believe that ll the above protocols are sufficient enough to solve the error -6000, -301 at the earliest. However you can dial quickbooks phone number to get the best guiding support for this and many more QuickBooks errors. You’ll be given expert advice and prompt service as soon as possible.

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