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Learn to fix QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5 in easy steps by calling QuickBooks Phone number

The QuickBooks is among the most effective tasks performing accounting programmes. It helps in efficiently completing the task that results in reduced stress. However, users of QuickBooks are always disappointed, mainly because of the errors found while using this programme. QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5 is just one of those mistakes.

Since the operator of the QuickBooks Database Service is prevented from viewing the file’s location, an unexpected error occurs in QuickBooks 5. This error displays the message saying ‘An unexpected error 5 in a NetShareGetInfo route call.’ An unexpected error 5 is mainly caused by inappropriate entries in the Windows registry or by a system that is not configured properly.

We’ll look at the reasons and methods for repairing QuickBooks Error 5 in this post. You can reach our QuickBooks support team by ringing the QuickBooks phone number and they will help you if you have any questions or want to know more about the QuickBooks mistake.

Let us discuss the potential triggers that responsible for the occurrence of the QuickBooks Error 5

When running on QuickBooks, QuickBooks users will receive QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5 at a certain time. Multiple factors may be behind this mistake. We have mentioned all of them below as follows:

  • If the QuickBooks are not correctly configured, you can experience an unexpected QuickBooks Error 5.
  • This error can occur when a registry entry or system file is accidentally deleted.
  • If there are inaccurate entries in the Windows registry, this may also result in an error.
  • If the PC closes down unexpectedly.
  • QuickBooks Error 5 can also be triggered by malware or other virus attacks.
  • Whenever a part of the device or application may not manage periodic operations that may also lead to error.

Efficient ways to eliminate unexpected errors 5 in QuickBooks

The QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5 problem can be diagnosed by the measures listed below before performing the required solutions:

Method 1: The user is deleted

  • Right off the bats, on QuickBooks Desktop, launch the Company Tab and pick Users.
  • After that select users and roles to build.
  • Afterwards, in the User Folder, choose the user.
  • Choose OK afterwards for confirmation.

 Method 2: step to rebuild the users

  • Select the users and roles first.
  • Then you create a new username for the new user.
  • Create a new password afterwards, and check it.

Ultimately, you have to configure roles for the consumer and click on them.

If you are still facing QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5, take the following alternatives:

 Other ways to correct unexpected errors 5 in QuickBooks

Solution 1: First of all, download and upgrade the File Doctor for QuickBooks.

  • The correct strategy of getting rid of any sort of error is to download and install the QuickBooks File Doctor. When fixing QuickBooks Error 5, this might be beneficial.
  • The QuickBooks File Doctor is available for download and installation from the official website of Intuit.
  • The QuickBooks File Doctor checks all files and directories on the system and corrects the hosting settings.
  • Upon downloading the QuickBooks File Doctor, you can display and monitor the system through the Permission Level setting.
  • You can rebuild the corrupted files and find them in QuickBooks Applications.

 Solution 2: Install a tool for Reimage Repair

  • To begin with download the Reimage Repair Tool.
  • And after that save the tool on your desktop.
  • Thereafter, go to the file location and afterwards press yes whenever the prompt appears on the screen.
  • After that you’ll have to uncheck the checkbox to start the automatic quest.
  • Click Install and the tool will be scanned automatically thereafter.
  • After this press Start Fix once the scanning is complete.
  • And afterwards, restart the QuickBooks and check that there is still a QuickBooks Error 5.

 Solution 3: Grant files sharing access

  • Start File Explorer first and right-click on the folder where the company file was saved.
  • After this, on the sharing tab, click Assets.
  • So after, according to your business requirements choose partial or full sharing.
  • Pick Apply, and afterwards press.


We discussed the ways to eliminate the QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5 in the above post, but if you find it difficult to comprehend, you can contact the executives. Via phone, chat and email, our certified experts offer technical assistance 24/7. Please feel free to email us if you want to discuss further. You can also call our QuickBooks phone number if you have any more issues. So mail us at You can also for more information regarding the QuickBooks.

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