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How to Resolve Beginning Balance Issues in QuickBooks Desktop with QuickBooks Support

When you are thinking about begin reconciliation issues then there are various questions which arises in your mind? When you are trying to open the begin reconciliation window then click on the account you want to reconcile, the beginning balance is either zero or inappropriate.

There are various reasons due to which it occurs:

  • When the entered balance was incorrect
  • When the files you opened was to be converted from different versions of QuickBooks
  • There could be possibly the data damage

How to resolve an incorrect balance?

To search for the transactions which are causing discrepancies, you can make a run to any of these reports:

Reconcile Discrepancy Report

  • In the Reports menu
  • Choose Banking, then click on Reconciliation Discrepancy.
  • Select the accurate Account, then click on OK.

Audit Trial Report

  • In the Reports menu, choose Banking, and then click on Previous Reconciliation
  • Choose the account which is to be reconciled
  • Select Transactions cleared at the time of reconciliation.
  • Click on Display
  • In the Reports menu, choose Accountant and taxes
  • Click on Audit Trial
  • Choose the Account Filter for the account which is to be reconciled
  • Click on Customize Report
  • In the Filter tab, select Account from the filters
  • In Account drop down menu, choose the exact account
  • In the Display tab. Apply the Date filter with the From field blank and the To date set to the statement date.
  • Click on OK.

Hope, you are satisfied with our revert. If you are still facing any concern regarding QuickBooks you can immediately call us at QuickBooks Support. You are free to dial our toll free number @ 1-800-731-1629 and you can also drop us a mail at support@quickbooksupport.net.

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