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How To Email Pay Stubs From Quickbooks With The Help Of Quickbooks Support?

Pay stub is actually a piece of paper which is given by all employers to their employee in the form of a paycheck, which has all deductions available which he/she has received in terms of money from every company. In this Article we will discuss how we can email pay stubs from Quickbooks Application with the help of Quickbooks Support, Normally its a very easy process and require no extra step, as employee whosoever are working in Company can easily get there pay stub from Quickbooks directly as all pay stub delivered to them are highly secured as well as password protected and are delivered in the form of pdf format through email so it can be read and open easily by any employee.Here we will be sending emails to employees with in the software itself wherein sender’s email id will be used by the employer to send the emails to recipient who will be the employee, Employees data can be found in Company file itself where in user can go to payroll section to see the details of employees, before user does this all he/she need to first draft an email by going in Preferences so it can be send to anyone either to company’s employees as well in professional manner,

How to Email Pay Stubs:

1. User needs to first verify his/her Email settings by going through Below

  • Go to Edit at the Top
  • click on Preferences
  • Navigate it to send forms at the bottom.

Now Click on Preference tab on the right side and under email section, select your required option from which user needs to send email from, once user select the option they need to configure and then click on ok it will now be ready to send emails

2. User need to make sure if the company file is opened in single user mode.

3. Go To File at the top and then click on print forms and then click on Pay stubs

4. Once you click on Pay stub verify the bank Account whether it’s correct or Not

5. Before you send an email to all employees do check through preview if everything done is correct or not

6. Select the email address

7. Double check if all information going to be send is correct or not

To check the list of employees who all has received an email or being sent an email by company, Go to Employee Centre at the top choose the employee whom you want to see , go to the right under employee information , click on the sent email option it will take you to the place where it will show the information’s of the sent emails.

Above are the Point needs to be considered while sending emails to Employee if any issues persisted feel free to call QuickBooks Support Number.

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