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In this article you will learn how to view or change account detail types in QuickBooks. To learn more call Quickbooks support.

You can choose from different account types such as expense, income, liability when you start to create an account. You can select from different types of detail account.

A predetermined sub-category that makes sure the account appears in the correct place according to GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) is known as a detail account type.

Detail types cannot be edited as they are predefined. Select the detail type that is the nearest match. If you can’t find the exact type you are looking for.

Click on Detail types, to view a list of all detail types : 

How to view available detail types for an account type?

The list in the Detail Type field changes to reflect the available detail types when you select an account type in the Account dialog.

Follow these steps to view available detail types for an account type. Also, to select an account and detail type:

• Click on the Gear icon present on the Toolbar.

• Select Chart of Accounts, under your accounts.

• Click on New.

• Select the appropriate Account Type in the account dialog drop-down list.

• From the drop-down list,select a related Detail Type.

• Give a name to the account.

• Click on Save and close.

The account type and detail type you have selected is reflected in the new account.

How to change the account type or detail type for an account?

If you wish to change the type or detail type associated with an account, follow the steps given below:

• Click on the Gear icon present on the Toolbar.

• Select Chart of Accounts, under your company.

• To change the account, locate it.

• Select Edit from the Action column drop-down menu.

• Select the new account type in the account dialog. Or you can select the detail type from the drop-down lists in the Account Type or Detail Type fields.

• Click on Save and close.

• Changing the Account Type can affect your accounting and reporting. You will be prompted to do this.

• In the prompt to change the account. Choose yes.

• To reflect the new account or detail type the account changes.

Now you have successfully set up and made use of detail accounts.

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