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Call On Quickbooks Support Phone Number And Know What To Do When Direct Deposit Of An Employee is Not Created

In this article you will learn what to do when an employee’s direct deposit is not created. To know more call on Quickbooks support phone number.

Verify the employee’s direct deposit information.

To view and update the employee’s direct deposit bank account information, follow the steps given below:

• From the QuickBooks Desktop Employees menu, choose Employee List.

• Select the employee whose payroll information you want to change by double-clicking on his name.

• Click on the Payroll Info tab.

• Choose Direct Deposit.

• Update the Routing No. and the Account No. fields and review.

• Click on OK twice.

Please note: The employee’s bank account information in your QuickBooks Desktop is used by intuit to send the payroll when you created the payroll or paychecks. Make changes in the direct deposit information of the employee record will not have any effect on any paycheck created prior to the edit.

Create a check for the employee.

See the following options to pay to the employee:

• By creating a regular check:

o Choose Write Checks from the banking menu.

o Enter the date according to the date on the original paycheck.

o In Pay to the Order of, on the check choose the employee for whom you want to issue the check.

o Enter the net amount of the direct deposit in the $(amount) field.

o In the Account column on the expenses tab, choose Direct Deposit Liabilities. (If prompted to pay payroll liabilities choose cancel.)

o At the top of the page, next to the Print icon check the Print Later box.

o Click on Save & Close. It does not need to be transmitted to Intuit because it is a paper check.

• Change the direct deposit paycheck into a manual paycheck for printing (This option is not allowed in Quickbooks Desktop payroll assisted as it may affect other accounts):

o Select Banking

o Choose Use Register.

o Double-click on the direct deposit check.

o Choose Paycheck Detail button.

o On the upper right, uncheck the Direct Deposit option.

o Click on OK.

o Before printing the check, make sure that there is a dollar amount on the check.

o Give the check to your employee.

• Resend the employee’s check via Direct Deposit.

o Void the rejected Direct Deposit paycheck.

o Choose Employees to recreate the paycheck

o Select Pay Employees

o Run an Unscheduled Payroll.

o To match the voided checkenter the check date and pay period.

o Make surethat you Use Direct Deposit in the upper right corner is checked in the preview paycheck window.

o By entering hours, salary, and/or other payroll items recreate the check as it was before.

o To record the check, choose Create.

o Send the data of payroll to Direct Deposit.

To know more on what to do when an employee’s direct deposit is not created in Quickbooks call on Quickbooks support phone number.

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