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Call QuickBooks Point of Sale Support to know how to write off customer balance in QuickBooks Point of Sale?

QuickBooks Point of Sale is a part of QuickBooks Accounting Software that helps in keeping the track of financial transactions of goods and services. Today we are here to learn how to write off customer balances in QuickBooks Point of Sale with the help of QuickBooks Point of Sale Support Phone Number.

In case, if you are not able to collect money from a customer to cover the balance they owe, then it will be required to write it off as bad debt in QuickBooks Point of Sale. However, if you have already created bad debt item, then you can only show it to as an adjustment to write off the outstanding balance. We will recommend you to follow few steps that are given below. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Need to create an item to track bad debt in QuickBooks Point of Sale

1.         First, click & select Item List from home screen.

2.         Next click & Select Add.

3.         Now, type the item as bad debt from Enter Item Name.

4.         Click & select the type dropdown, then select non-Inventory.

5.         Click & select the item department.

6.         Now click & select the Tax dropdown, then select Non.

7.         In case, if you’re connected to QuickBooks Desktop then you need to track the bad debt to a specific account from QuickBooks Options.

8.         After that, you can save it.

Step 2: You can make an adjustment to write off the outstanding balance

1.   First, click & select Make a Sale by clicking on home screen.

2.   Next type the customer’s name.

3.   Type Bad Debt Item in the dollar amount that’s equal to the amount being written off. (Amount should be negative)

4.   Now select Account as the payment method.

5.   You can also select make payment on account, if required.

6.   Type the amount of balance to write off.

7.   Click & select save.

8.   Select on Save Only or Save and Print.

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